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Exploratory Studies Readmission Guide

Readmission to the Exploratory Studies major follows the Readmission for Former UH Students policy.

Exploratory Studies is a short-term preparatory major designed to help students declare a degree-seeking major within 30 hours. The Exploratory Studies major also allows readmitted students with more than 30 hours a temporary placement while they prepare to meet the changes of major requirements.

Once you have been readmitted, you will receive an email that directs you to complete our Self-Appraisal Form. Once that form is submitted, then you will be invited for an advising appointment. If you have not yet received that email, the information on the Self-Appraisal Form can be found below.

Expect completion of the Readmission Self-Appraisal form to take a couple of hours to complete. Through the self-appraisal process, you will take a serious and honest look at your past performance, any challenges you may have encountered, and your path and timeline to a degree-granting major, so that you can confirm whether returning to the university is the best plan for you at this time. The timeline for you to prepare to change your major will depend on your academic profile and major goals. Your options to change majors, either to your previous major or to any other major with additional admissions requirements, will be limited based on the number of hours you have completed and your UH cumulative GPA. It may not be possible to change to certain majors.

To complete the Readmission Self-Appraisal form: 

  • First, review the self-appraisal items ahead of time here so you can plan your responses.
  • When you are ready to begin, respond to all items of the Exploratory Studies Readmission Self-Appraisal.
  • All responses are expected to exhibit college-level grammar and composition standards.

Once you submit the Readmission Self-Appraisal form, you will be contacted by email within 3-5 business days to schedule a Readmission Advising appointment with an Exploratory Studies advisor. (If you were in good academic standing when you left UH, you may begin enrolling in next semester courses without delay once your enrollment period begins. You do not need to wait to speak to an academic advisor.

While you are waiting to meet with your advisor, here's how you can plan ahead: 

Questions? Email us at