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Explorer Advising Guide

The Top Ten ways successful students work with their advisor to become even more successful.

What’s What and Who’s Who?

  1. Know your EXPL Advocate. Our Student Success Advocate staff wants to see you reach your immediate goal of a successful transition to your major where you can succeed and graduate. Your Advocate is multi-talented—he or she knows UH degree plans, college transition specifics, ways to help you match the right major with your career plans, UH academic policy, and other resources to support your success. They are on your team!
  2. Know your intended college advisor. You are welcome and encouraged to see an advisor within your intended college according to their published advising schedule. Each college has a different preferred method to see prospective students, but they are all happy to give you information on their majors and what their requirements are. Specific college details will soon be available on our website, but until then speak with an EXPL Advocate.
  3. Customize your advising. Exploratory Studies offers customized advising based upon students’ needs.  What works best for you?
    • Individual Advising: One-on-one time with a Student Success Advocate—best if you have many detailed questions or if you are really still trying to sort out possible majors. Individual advising is offered in the EXPL office on a walk-in basis, so please check the hours and stop by!
    • Group Advising: Prefer your advising within a group setting? Our Student Success Advocates offer group advising in an informal, small-group setting—bring your Exploratory Studies friends and learn from others.
    • Express Advising: Are you confident about your major path and just need to have someone look over your course choices for next semester? You might want to stop by our office for Express Advising. See one of our Peer Advocates for a quick visit, confirm your courses, ask questions—get in, get out, and be on your way!

Before an Advising Visit

  1. Organize your thoughts. Successful students are prepared students! Before every visit, download the EXPL Advising Organizer (in PDF format to print or in Word format to fill in electronically) . Jot down questions you have, things you’d like your Advocate to know, things that you’re worried about. You know if you don’t write them down, you’ll forget them when you’re here! Bring this Organizer with you to your appointment—we’ll expect to see it.
  2. Populate your Planner. Using the Academic Planner in MyUH makes planning for your next semester schedule easy. Consult the 4-year maps for your intended major(s), and do your best to identify the classes you’ll need for the upcoming semester.  Your Advocate can help, but having this done before your meeting with an Advocate will make the appointment more efficient. (Log in to MyUH, click on Student Center, and then Plan. Choose courses with the Browse Course Catalog link and then move them to the right semester.)

When you come into Cougar Village 2, room N140

  1. Check in. When you come into the EXPL office we’ll ask you first whether you have a intended major or majors, and what type of advising you’d like (an Individual Session for more questions or Express Advising if you’d like to see a Peer Advocate.) This will help us to match you to the person who can best help. Remember that walk-in advising means first-come, first-served. We’ll do our best to serve everyone, but we’re not willing to rush one of your peers who needs help. So, be smart about when you come in. The best time to avoid waiting for an appointment  is in the morning. Coming 15 minutes before your class starts will only set you up for frustration. As we near registration, expect that wait times will increase—plan to bring reading or homework to make the best use of your time.
  2. Be ready to answer questions. Yes, we’re going to ask you questions. If you were with us for Orientation, you’ll recall that we spoke about “Intrusive Advising.” We’re going to ask how your classes are going, how things outside of class are going, and what ideas and questions you have about your college transition. So we’ll very inquisitive, but it’s the best way to make sure we provide you with all of the resources you need.
  3. Take notes: Successful students take notes! When you are with your Advocate, get that Organizer page out, ask your questions, and write down the answers. Make sure all of your questions get answered. We’ll ask to make sure.

After you leave us

  1. Keep an advising folder. Sometimes things seem clear in the moment but later you start doubting your memory. If you leave the EXPL office and have any questions, email your Advocate and ask. And then, save your Organizer page in an Advising folder that you’ll easily be able to find for your next appointment so that every time you see us, and your college advisor after that, you’ll be organized. And successful!
  2. Tell us how things went. After you’ve seen an EXPL Advocate, you’ll receive an email asking you to take a quick survey about how things went. It won’t take long, and we really will use what we learn from you to continue to improve our efforts. One of the questions you’ll be asked is what you did to prepare for the advising appointment. And now, you’ll be prepared for that question!

That’s it!  You’re an important part of the team working for YOUR success, and now you know how to play your part!