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Peer Assistants

We seek strong and committed UH student leaders to serve as Peer Assistants in the Undergraduate Student Success Center. Peer Assistants (PAs) work alongside members of the college advising staff and our course instructional team during the academic year and summer terms to assist new and current students beginning their academic transition at the University of Houston.

We design all of our student staff positions to not only assist UH undergraduate students—your peers—but also to include opportunities for our Peer Assistants to explore and develop interpersonal, professional, and leadership skills. In other words, our Peer Assistants will develop as budding professionals as they contribute to student success at the University of Houston.

Peer Assistants serve a variety of roles as staff, including but not limited to roles such as:
• Communicate the University of Houston's academic policies and standards to students.
• Introduce the Academic Planner to new students and assist students with module functionality.
• Communicate information regarding major and minor options to students.
• Communicate information regarding course pre-requisites to students.
• Communicate faculty expectations to students.
• Assist with communication between academic colleges and students.
• Assist colleges with day-to-day office responsibilities, including but not limited to: data entry, answering calls, filing, conducting research, and other duties as needed.
• Assist Academic College’s strategic planning for future terms.

Exploratory Studies Peer Assistants
Muqarrab Rashid  |  Major: Human Nutrition and Foods
Sara Ristic  |  Major: Chemistry
Jachi Okoro  |  Major: Sociology
Dua Rashid  |  Major: Human Nutrition and Foods
Kiana Nazari  |  Major: Psychology
Priscilla Wright  |  Major: Supply Chain Management
Jonathan Chang  |  Major: Exploratory Studies