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Challenger Program Application

Requirements for Admission to the Challenger Program

Interested applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled at the University of Houston campus.
  • Come from a home where neither parent has earned a four-year college degree.
  • Be willing to attend a scheduled orientation prior to registration.
  • Have a sincere desire to complete a degree program at the University of Houston.

How To Apply

Applications for admission to the Challenger Program are available in three ways:

  1. Online: Challenger Program Application
  2. In person in the Challenger Office, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Service Center 1
  3. Request by phone: (713) 743-5420 
  4. By email:

After the application is completed and returned, we will contact you to arrange a personal interview.

Any qualified applicant not admitted to the program during the first year can be placed on a waiting list or may be encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years.