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Change of Major

We can't wait to see you do amazing things as a University of Houston Cougar!

But FIRST, let's make sure you are in the best-fit major.

Whether you are just starting at UH or you have been here a while but are thinking about a change, finding the right major can be confusing and - at times - overwhelming. This decision can literally change the direction of your future, so it requires more than just picking a major from a list. Your choice matters, and it’s worth your time to research your options. Follow these steps to make an informed major choice.

Step 1. Explore your major options.

There are so many major options at the University of Houston that can put you on a path toward a rewarding career! 

  • Begin by reviewing undergraduate majors offered at the University of Houston in the UH Undergraduate Catalog. Make a list of majors that might be of interest.
  • Review the Academic Maps for majors of interest to see a year-by-year snapshot of major requirements.
  • Consider the requirements to petition for a major change to the college that offers your major . Notice that some colleges may have specific deadlines and processes
  • Not sure the best direction for you? Take the free  Focus 2 career assessment, customized to connect your assessment results to good-fit UH majors. (See a recorded  Focus 2 workshop for more guidance.)
  • Look more broadly at majors and careers with the UH Career Services  Choosing a Major resources.
  • Dig in deeper to assess your career directions with other  UH Career Services career assessments.
  • Think you may not qualify for the major you want? Students in your situation who have been most successful have been open to thinking about redirecting to similar majors that might still get you to the career you want. See the  UH Majors for Different Career Paths .
  • Consider these really important notes:
    • Many majors have specific admissions requirements, and admissions is not guaranteed.
    • Some majors have portfolio reviews or auditions.
    • Some majors have limited admissions times per year.
    • Some majors have course enrollment requirements, such as requirements to take courses in that major every semester.
    • It may turn out that you decide to change to a different major within the college to which you are already assigned.
    • Taking the time now to learn about these majors will ensure you don't take unnecessary credit hours.

Step 2. Ask questions.

  • If you are an incoming freshman, talk to a UH Admissions Counselor to understand majors for which you are eligible.
  • If you are an incoming  transfer student, make an appointment to speak with a  TAP advisor to discuss your realistic major options.
  • If you are a current UH studentsome colleges offer prospective student information sessions through Navigate, while others offer other types of prospective student guidance. Look for prospective student contact information on the advisor contact page.

Step 3. Decide whether to change your major.

Now that you’ve done your research, you can make an informed decision.

Are you interested in changing your major?

  • NO, I’d like to keep my current major . That’s just fine! Good luck, work hard, and stay in contact with your academic advisor so you can put yourself in the best position to succeed.
  • YES, I’m ready to change my major Great! The timing matters – find your current situation below so you know your options.
    • I am an admitted new student, and I haven’t yet attended New Student Orientation: The deadline for you to apply to change your major is two weeks before your orientation date. If you qualify for a change, it will be made in time for your orientation so you may be advised appropriately.
      • If your request comes after the two week window, you will need to either change your orientation date, or be prepared to attend orientation and be advised by your current admitted major. You cannot be advised by an intended or aspirational major during orientation.
      • If you believe you qualify for a major change, use the appropriate form to request the change.
    • I have already attended New Student Orientation, but I have NOT YET enrolled in courses: If you have changed your mind after Orientation, it’s really important to request a major change BEFORE you enroll in classes. Once you enroll in classes, you will need to stay in that major until you receive grades at the end of your first semester.
      • If you were not eligible for your first choice major and there are no new grades or test scores to submit, you will need to stay in your assigned major until you receive grades at the end of your first semester.
      • If you have questions, please contact the UH Admissions office.
    • I have already attended Orientation, AND I have already enrolled in courses: Once you are enrolled in courses in your assigned major, you will need to complete at least one semester of UH coursework - until you receive grades at the end of your first semester - prior to requesting a change of major.
    • I am a current UH student: Follow the  directions to petition for a major change to your intended college. Some colleges may have specific deadlines and processes, so please see the  contact list for the advisor in your prospective major who sees prospective students to seek further guidance from an advisor. For other colleges, submit your request at least 10 days prior to the start of the term for which you wish the change to take effect.
  • I’m still undecided . That’s OK! If you are a freshman, transfer, or current student with fewer than 30 cumulative credit hours, you can change your major to  Exploratory Studies. Exploratory Studies is a short-term preparatory major that will give you time to ponder your interests, consider your options, make confident, informed career decisions, and complete your prerequisite preparation for the major of your choice.
  • Some additional details:
    • You will only be able to change your major if you meet requirements established for that major. Review the eligibility requirements by major in the  UH Undergraduate Catalog to be sure.
    • For current students, changing your major may result in a change in your degree objective, i.e. B.A., B.S., B.F.A, B.M., etc. For more information on the specific degree objective, please visit the academic department’s webpage.
    • For current students, changing your major may impact your UHin4 status. Email the UHin4 program for information, and ask the academic advisor for your intended program.
    • For current students, changing your major is subject to a change in your fee bill. See the UH Tuition Calculator to understand the impacts of a change.
    • Check out our  Change of Major FAQs for answers to additional questions.
  • A final cautionary note: if you do not meet requirements to change to the major you want, and you are planning to begin in one major and work toward changing majors at a later time, please proceed with caution. Unofficially pursuing a degree plan that is different than the major to which you are assigned is rarely a path to success. You’ll miss out on advice from an advisor who really knows your program, you may not feel comfortable getting involved in college organizations and events, and you might end up taking courses you don't need, falling behind on your graduation timeline. Plan your path forward carefully!

That’s it! Now you're all set to succeed at UH!