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BayRock Financial

BayRock’s Purpose is to provide real life Apprenticeship Training to produce highly successful sales professionals to fill specific jobs in the insurance and financial services industry. BayRock offers Apprentices the opportunity to earn while they hone their skills by delivering specific fee-only services for affiliates, partners, independent contractors, small businesses, and large corporations in all sectors.

Full Description

Financial Sales professionals come in all shapes and sizes. From the captive insurance agent to the Wall Street Investment Broker to the Fee-Only RIA “Fiduciary”. New technology, legislation, social media, access to information, and a myriad of other issues has created tremendous challenges - and opportunities - for developing and deploying young talent. BayRock equips young professionals to fill key sales positions in the insurance and financial services industry through apprenticeship sales training.


BayRock’s Apprenticeship Training leverages best of class technologies while preparing each Apprentice to hit the ground running with a systematic approach to client acquisition. Every Apprentice will have general proficiency in all of following systems, and professional excellence in at least two of the following skill sets:

  • Purpose-Centered Alliance and Trust Building Skills
  • Personal Financial Planning/Cash Flow Analysis/PFS Preparation and Presentation
  • Network-Focused CRM and Real-Life Relationship Management
  • Marketing Research, Strategy Design, Implementation, and Result Tracking
  • Defining Deliverables and Making Presentations based on What Matters Most