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The UH Technology Bridge is ideally located adjacent to the UH campus, providing a rich synergy between innovation in the classroom and labs, the developing UH medical school and the innovation community at the park. The proximity of these components within the university community makes UH a powerhouse for innovation, providing a support system for students, faculty, industrial partners and startups alike.


The Technology Bridge has many opportunities for corporations interested in developing real estate within the park. Future plans include the expansion of the 75-acre park into core districts, along with additional building-to-suite type facilities. Approximately 35 acres of the Bridge has been developed, providing many opportunities for continued growth.

Park ecosystem


The Bridge is home to many industrial and university activities related to research and innovation. More than $75 million has been invested in park development so far.

Checkout the map for a current snapshot of major tenants in the park.

  • Building 1 - Schlumberger Building
  • Building 1A - UH Administration Building
  • Building 2 - UH Administration Building
  • Building 3 - UH Administration Building
  • Building 4 - Innovation Center
  • Building 5 - Incubator Labs
  • Building 6 - WidgetCo
  • Building 7 - EXXONMOBIL Consortium
  • Building 8 - Mayer Electric Supply
  • Building 9 - UH Petroleum Engineering
  • Building 10 - Third-party Tenant
  • Building 11 - UH Petroleum Engineering Annex
  • Building 13 - Storage Warehouse
  • Building 14A - Texas Center for Clean Engines, Emissions and Fuels
  • Building 14B - Third-party Tenant
  • Building 15 - Advanced Manufacturing Institute
  • Building 19 - Arte Publico Press
  • UH innovating center

    Innovation Center

    Along with unmatched access to UH faculty and one-on-one mentorship opportunities, startups working out of the university will have the full support of UH Technology Transfer for assistance with funding opportunities, workshops, iCorps Training, SBIR/STTR grant development and commercialization.
  • Incubator Labs

    Incubator Labs

    Research-based startups interested in moving technologies to the next level should check out UH's new Incubator Labs. The facility provides ready-to-use lab space designed to support chemical, materials and life sciences startups. The Technology Bridge offers private and shared lab spaces.

Tour the Park

Interested in viewing our facilities and learning more about developing at UH Technology Bridge? Contact technologybridge@uh.edu and a representative from UH will respond to you.