Startup Spotlight: Cyentech Consulting


Cyentech Consulting is a company that provides modeling and data processing services to help its customers better understand the physical properties of the rock and soil found below ground. 

Cyentech Consulting was founded by CEO, Yueqin Huang, in 2015 after the oil and gas stock downturn. At the time, there were increasing demands for energy transition. According to Huang, this was an “untapped” market. 

“Cyentech thrives on innovation,” Huang said. “We believe renewable and green energy can only prevail upon innovative ideas and technologies, and we provide low-cost solutions to our customers to accelerate the transition.” 

The goal of the company is to improve the quality of subsurface exploration and to make it cheaper.  

 “Our technology and service are particularly tailored for oilfield services, carbon storage, as well as geothermal exploration,” Huang said.  

According to Huang, Cyentech Consulting has built strong, professional relationships with many industry partners. The company is also collaborating with several universities, including the University of Houston. 

The company is housed at the UH Technology Bridge. Huang describes the atmosphere as friendly, and being housed at the Technology Bridge allows them to collaborate with UH researchers. 

Cyentech Consulting also partners with national laboratories to develop new data processing techniques.  

The company has acquired several federal grants to develop new modeling tools for renewable energy applications and they have also created several products for field tests.  

One of Cyentech Consulting’s current projects is to develop a new data process workflow to reduce the risk of CO2 leakage from a CO2 storage site. 

“Long-term storage of CO2 in subsurface pore space is a key technological approach to slow down CO2 accumulation and mitigate climate change. Therefore, monitoring underground CO2 migration has become an essential topic in Carbon Capture and Storage development,” Huang said.  

The company has already successfully developed a “toolbox” for this project using deep learning technology.  

Cyentech Consulting’s focus is their costumers’ needs. “Cyentech is determined to strengthen its position in energy transition and provide the best return on investment to our customers,” Huang said.