Startup Spotlight: Bucha Bio

Scientist Testing

In 2020, Zimri Hinshaw started his own company after struggling to find an environmentally friendly vegan leather alternative to use for fashion designs. He founded Bucha Bio to create his own materials.  

The company is currently developing their very first material, which they call SHORAI. The company is also developing a second new material, HIKARI, which will be ready in 2024.  

“We don’t just want to be a simple replacement for existing unsustainable materials. We want our products to inspire a new way of design, production, and consumption,” said Katherine Albertson, the Communications Coordinator for Bucha Bio.  

The company’s goal is to help eliminate the use of animal leathers and plastics in the fashion, automotive and lifestyle industries. 

At the end of 2021, Bucha Bio graduated from the SOSV's IndieBio program. Shortly after, they relocated to Houston and are now housed at the University of Houston Technology Bridge.  

“We have had an overall positive experience working with the Technology Bridge. We have received a lot of support from the program managers and from other startups. The atmosphere is very collaborative and energetic, and we see a bright future for the space and our work within the space,” Albertson said. 

Since moving to Houston, the company has expanded their team with former oil and gas professionals and experts from the fashion production sector.  

Bucha Bio is now working toward building their own laboratory and office space in Houston in order to accommodate more machinery and new hires to further grow the company. They also have several upcoming brand partnerships in the works. 

“The past year has consisted of an enormous amount of growth for the company, and we have so many more plans in store for the future,” Albertson said. 

Right now, the company is focused on growing their Houston team. They are in search of a materials science technician and will be announcing more positions later this year.