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Scholar Forms

Important documents and forms can be found at the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions (current Scholars)

  • What meal plan should I select?

The Tier One Scholarship covers 24/7 Silver Meal Plan. More information on Meal Plans.

  • Where can I live on-campus?

The Tier One Scholarship covers the full cost of a double-occupancy room in Cougar Village (freshmen) and Cougar Place (sophomore). Scholarships funds cannot be applied to housing off-campus or in a non-UH managed property.

  • How do I request my Research and/or Study Abroad stipend?

Once a student has secured a research mentor and/or study abroad program they can complete the Stipend Request forms available at Click on Scholar Forms.

The student will complete the form and obtain the required signatures from the Research Mentor and/or Learning Abroad Advisor or Faculty Sponsor. Forms should be emailed to the Tier One Scholarship Coordinator for processing. You must submit the stipend request no later than 30 days after you begin your research. Study Abroad stipends should be requested 30 days before a deposit or fees are due. Funds are applied to the students UH account within 2 weeks (in most cases).

  • What type of Learning Abroad would qualify for the stipend?

The Tier One stipend should be used for a University affiliated study abroad experience that is sponsored through the Learning Abroad Office. It is expected that course credit would be received for the experience. Contact the Scholarship Coordinator with questions.

  • How do I file an appeal?

Students may initiate an Academic Scholarship Appeal/Petition if they have prior knowledge of circumstances that will prohibit them from meeting scholarship renewal requirements. Examples include, but are not limited to: needing to enroll in fewer than the required number of credit hours, participating in a COOP or other sanctioned university program, participating in a study abroad program, or if the student would like to request scholarship funds be applied to a semester outside the traditional award terms (fall/spring). The same form also may be used to appeal the cancellation of a scholarship due to lack of academic progress, including GPA and/or completing the required number of credit hours. Complete the form and submit it with a detailed letter describing the circumstances and provide supporting documentation. This form is to be used for scholarships only.

Please visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid Website to download the form.

  • What are the criteria to maintain my scholarship?
    • Maintain full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) at UH each fall and spring semester
    • Maintain a minimum cumulative UH GPA of 3.0 (includes only courses taken at UH).
    • Complete and pass a total of 30 credit hours by the end of the summer following the first year at UH, 60 hours by the end of the second year, and 90 hours by the end of the third year, and 120 hours by the end of the fourth year.
    • Transfer hours may be counted toward total credit hours completed, but they do not count toward UH cumulative GPA.
    • Credit hours for repeated courses do not count toward the credit hour requirements.
    • Courses completed with grades of I, U, W or F are not counted toward the credit hour requirements.
    • Summer courses taken at UH will count toward the credit hour and GPA requirements, but tuition and fees for those courses will not be funded by the Tier One Scholarship.

  • If I graduate early, does my Tier One Scholarship fund graduate studies at UH, UH Law, etc?
The Tier One Scholarship funds the Scholars’ undergraduate tuition and fees only (up to 8 semesters of coursework; 10 semesters for Architecture students). Additional semesters of funding are forfeit if a student chooses to graduate early.


  • Does the Scholarship cover books and/or the CTAP fee?

The University of Houston Cougar Textbook Access Program (CTAP) is a program that provides undergraduate students, regardless of major or number of hours taken, access to required course materials before the first day of class for one low flat fee ($299 in fall 2024). CTAP fees are automatically charged to student fee bills. The Tier One Scholarship covers mandatory fees only. Material fees and books are not covered. Scholars may choose to opt-out of the CTAP fee each semester by clicking the link above and following the instructions provided. 

  • When will my Tier One Scholarship be applied to my account? 

Your account is protected by a positive hold (B70) preventing classes from being dropped due to charges/non-payment. Scholarship adjustments will occur after the 12th day of class (Official Reporting Day). You will receive an email notification when adjustments are complete. Please do not make a payment until you have received this notification. You will be responsible to pay the balance that may occur from fees that are not covered by your academic scholarship (CTAP fee, transcript order, parking permit, student insurance, etc.) after the 12th day of class.


If you have an urgent question, please contact us.