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The university-wide strategic planning process will guide UH to its centennial and beyond. With the help of faculty, staff and students, we will define our priorities yielding a road map for turning our dreams into reality. Together, we will have a profound and lasting impact on our university and our city.

Strategic Plan Draft

As the University nears the end of the strategic planning process, we want to hear from you. Please read the strategic plan draft and complete the brief form below.

Strategic Planning Process

1 Form Committees and Establish Timeline

Oct - Dec 2019
2 Hold Listening Sessions, Collect Surveys

Jan - Feb 2020
3 Perform SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) Analysis

Mar - Apr 2020
4 Analyze Data

Mar - Apr 2020
5 Establish Key Priorities and Initiatives

May - Aug 2020
6 Refine Initiatives Around Key Priorities

Aug - Sep 2020
7 Conduct Focus Groups Around Emerging Priorities; Begin Implementation Design

Oct 2020
8 Finalize Strategic Plan and Implementation Process

Nov - Dec 2020
9 Launch Event

Roll Out of Strategic Plan

Jan 2021