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What does MH-RITES stand for?








Vision Statement

The MH-RITES Research Center has at its core a vision to improve the lives of individuals managing mental health issues through research, education, and clinical treatment.

Mission Statement

The MH-RITES Research Center will scientifically focus on improving early and ongoing engagement of individuals' inefficacious mental health treatment to support and advance their management of the condition, reduce symptoms, strengthen overall functioning, and promote recovery. Research and innovations in mental health treatment engagement and service utilization will benefit the individual, their families, mental health providers, and communities.

The MH-RITES Research Center’s scientific mission is comprised of four core elements:

  1. Research: To examine and conduct rigorous research.

  2. Partnership: To establish and develop research relationships and community-based partnerships within the University and the Houston community, and those locally, nationally, and internationally in academia, not-for-profit agencies, the private sector, public policymakers, and researchers.

  3. Education: To disseminate research findings to consumers, family members, communities, clinical providers, agencies, academic partners and institutions, and policymakers.

  4. Training: To train future generations of clinical providers and social scientists.

Goals and Collaboration

The MH-RITES Research Center aims to build knowledge in the field of engagement, improve access, engagement, and maintenance of treatment, attract and provide funding, encourage and foster research, mentor doctoral students and new faculty, develop a strong network of researchers who work in this area, and target high risk, culturally isolated groups that are at risk for underutilization of services. 

These goals require collaboration and coordination with investors, researchers, students and community members who are interested in mental health treatment. The MH-RITES Research Center is thankful to all individuals who assist in reaching our goals.