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Funding Opportunities

A central goal of The MH-RITES Research Center is to support research involving community outreach and improving the quality of life for individuals living with mental disorders and their families.

Small Research Grants

Doctoral & Faculty Grants

The MH-RITES Research Center offers 4 small research grants that are awarded annually. These research grants are not limited to any department or university.

Grant Requirements:

Research must be in one of the following areas:

  1. Engagement in mental health services or treatment
  2. Mental health interventions
  3. Clinical research on improving mental health treatment services and service utilization
  4. Helping individuals and their families access, engage, and utilize mental health services

Preference will be given to research that includes a public dissemination component.

Application Requirements (Under Development):

  1. Abstract (less than 500 words) – a summary of the research project or published article or dissertation written in layman’s terms. If the proposal is funded, this material may be used in the Center’s announcements;
  2. Applicant C.V. (5 pages) – NIH biosketch OR the biography portion of the curriculum vitae only, with current grant support listed.
  3. For research grants: Proposal (2 pages with no appendices) – a letter from the applicant outlining training and/or project goals that will be accomplished within the grant period. One representative project should be described in sufficient detail to elucidate hypothesis, significance, and central methodology. Figures, tables, diagrams,, must be included within the 2-page limit.
    OR for Published Articles and Completed Dissertations: a copy of the article or dissertation.
  4. Research Training/Career Plans (½ page) – brief description of present or recently completed research training, and applicant's future career plans.