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ACES Community Engagement Project

Partnership Training Skills: Connecting MSW and BSW Students on Two UH Campuses

  • ACES Community Engagement
The Advancing Community Engagement and Service Institute (ACES) was launched in October 2017 with the vision to deepen student learning through direct community service planning and implementation. The Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) received an ACES grant to implement a project, “Partnership Training Skills: Connecting MSW and BSW Students in Two UH Campuses,” led by Principal Investigator Dr. Monit Cheung. From Spring 2019 to Summer 2021, a service learning course (“Partnership Training Skills” or PTS) was planned and delivered to infuse child welfare contents into the Master of Social Work (MSW) curriculum and to encourage Title IV-E students to work in practice projects with Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students from the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD).

Faculty team:
UH and UH-D Collaborationaces-team,-aug-2021.jpg
Left to Right: Dr. Dawn McCarty (UH-D), Dr. Trish Taylor (UH), Dr. Monit Cheung (UH), Ms. Arnitia Walker (UH), Dr. Renita Laury (UH)