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COI Institutional Reporting Requirements

The Division of Research is responsible for reporting Financial Conflict of Interest Reports to funding agencies, as applicable:

Public Health Service (PHS)-Funded Projects

Initial Report

Prior to the expenditure of funds under a PHS-funded research project, the University of Houston must report any Investigator Significant Financial Interests that are determined by the COIC, or a subrecipient Institution, to constitute a Financial Conflict of Interest.

Interim Reports

The Institution must submit an FCOI report within sixty (60) days after its determination that an FCOI exists for an Investigator who is newly participating in the project or for an existing Investigator who discloses a new Significant Financial Interest to the Institution during the period of award.

A FCOI report is also required in cases of noncompliance (when an Investigator does not disclose a previously existing Significant Financial Interest in a timely fashion or the Institution fails to review a previously existing Significant Financial Interest during an ongoing NIH-funded project).

In addition, where it is discovered that the University of Houston has failed to manage a FCOI or where a researcher has failed to comply with a management plan, the Institution must, within 120 days, complete a retrospective review of research to determine whether the research conducted during the period of noncompliance was biased in the design, conduct, or reporting of the research. If bias is identified, a mitigation report must be developed that outlines a plan of action to eliminate or mitigate the effect of the bias. The results of that determination and the mitigation report must be submitted to PHS.

Annual Report

For any Financial Conflict of Interest previously reported by the Institution, the Institution shall provide an annual FCOI report that addresses the status of the financial interest and any changes to the management plan. Annual FCOI reports must specify whether the Financial Conflict of Interest is still being managed or explain why the Financial Conflict of Interest no longer exists. Annual FCOI reports must be submitted to the NIH for the duration of the project period (including extensions with or without funds) at the same time the Institution is required to submit the annual progress report, but through an alternative mechanism.

National Science Foundation (NSF)-Funded Projects

The University of Houston must notify NSF's Office of the General Counsel if it determines that it is unable to manage a Conflict of Interest related to an NSF-funded project satisfactorily. If the University of Houston determines a financial conflict with NSF research to be unmanageable (i.e. imposing conditions or restrictions would be either ineffective or inequitable, and the potential negative impacts that may arise from a significant financial interest are outweighed by the interests of scientific progress, technology transfer, or the public health and welfare), the NSF Office of the General Counsel will be notified electronically. UH and awardees will cooperate with the OGC's review of the institutional conflict of interest policy, actions taken by the institution with respect to the unmanageable conflict, and NSF requests for confirmation that proposed actions have been accomplished.