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Crafted as a partnership between the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute and UH Libraries, the Digital Humanities Core (DHC) consolidates technological infrastructure, research tools, and interdisciplinary expertise to establish a digital project production and publishing facility for UH researchers. The DHC, initiated in 2022, will be housed in and administered by UH Libraries.
digital humanities workshop at UH

Services and Programs

Elements that will constitute the Digital Humanities Core are currently under development.

Technological infrastructure: The DHC will provide multidisciplinary research teams with web hosting and cloud hosting infrastructure for their digital projects through Reclaim hosting solutions. DHC will provide onboarding and training for researchers.

Education: Starting in June 2023, the DHC will initiate a Micro-credential in the Digital Humanities program to train faculty and students at all levels in core competencies that underpin digital humanities project development.

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For more information about the Digital Humanities Core, please contact DHC staff at