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Journey to the Top 50

March 29, 2022

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Last year, we announced the University of Houston’s bold, new vision to become a Top 50 public university. We knew that achieving this goal would not be easy. No. It would challenge us to stretch to a higher level … to think in ways that we’ve never thought before – and that’s exactly why we made it our vision. Aiming to become a Top 50 university calls us to greater excellence, not for our glory, but for the greater good of those whom we serve. When we rise, our students, communities and world can soar. Innovations and new ventures are birthed, and our societal and economic impact is amplified.

Breaking boundaries is not new to UH. The University has experienced explosive growth in the last decade. We achieved Carnegie Tier One status earlier than forecast, reached record-breaking enrollments, exceeded a $1billion fundraising goal ahead of schedule, increased graduation rates and academic program rankings, established Houston’s first medical school in more than 40 years and reclaimed our athletic excellence. History shows: Becoming a Top 50 public university is not an insurmountable challenge. It’s our destiny.

In this publication, you’ll find a glimpse of what our journey to the top entails and the transformative efforts we’re taking to get there. We delve into the multifaceted strategy to further bolster our students’ success, our ambitious plan to recruit 100 new faculty and the dynamic road ahead for UH Athletics. You’ll also learn how we’re embracing society’s big challenges, including the energy transition, health equity and health care delivery reform to help move our communities and nation forward. Our ambitious vision has sparked creativity and life-changing new endeavors, and the beautiful stories in this publication capture its powerful impact.

Becoming a Top 50 public university is beyond a lofty goal. It’s the fulfillment of our duty to transform lives and communities. I invite you to read more, get inspired and join us on our journey to the next level. Together, we rise. Together, we soar.

Let’s go!

Renu Khator
President, University of Houston