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A Better Approach to Better Health

UH Population Health is a groundbreaking initiative to advance quality of life through a holistic approach. Our nation’s approach to health and health care is broken. The U.S. spends more on health care than any other developed nation in the world but has some of the poorest health outcomes among wealthy countries. Evidence shows that we spend more years in poor health than any other time in history. 

Why? Because research shows that health care only accounts for 20 percent of your health. Genes account for 10 percent, and socioeconomic factors, health behaviors and environments account for the remaining 70 percent. The U.S. spends close to $4 trillion on health care each year, yet we have more chronic diseases than ever before and live in challenging environments with crumbling roads, bridges, and water systems.  

There’s a better approach. Population health aims to improve health for everyone and reduce health care costs by addressing the full range of factors that affect health. 

UH Population Health is a collaborative university-wide initiative to integrate population health into UH academics, build partnerships with multiple sectors and conduct innovative research. 

Improving our health and health care system will take a concerted effort. With the University’s breadth of colleges and schools covering the array of disciplines that influence health, UH Population Health can leave an indelible mark on our students, community and world. 

It’s a better approach to better health. 

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Nurses Health Week

Nurses are highly educated professionals who make critical assessments and autonomous decisions. They educate and fearlessly advocate for patients and communities. They are prepared to be nursing leaders, administer health systems and education future generations of nurses and practitioners. They devote their careers to promoting the health and wellbeing of our society at home and across the globe. Nurses are the most trusted profession, they make a difference and save lives. The nobility of their professionalism and compassion has been and continues to be on full display to the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. We salute those who have chosen nursing as their calling and encourage nursing students to continue their pursuit in this noble profession. National Nurses’ Week 2022 — May 6–12.

College of Nursing