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Information for Instructors of Record

There are several requirements that by their nature will require the active participation of faculty in order to comply with the new regulations.


HB-2504 requires the posting of syllabi that contain minimally the following information: course and instructor identifiers, learning objectives, major assignments, required and recommended reading, and a brief list/description of discussion topics.

Please use the Syllabus template available below for uploading your undergraduate courses’ syllabi through the myUH Faculty Center.

Curriculum Vitae

According to HB-2504, the online CV for each instructor of record for a particular class should include post-secondary education, teaching experience and significant professional publications.

No personal information (such as home address or personal telephone number) should be included in the document.

Please use the CV template available below for uploading this information through the myUH Faculty Center.

Syllabi and CV Templates

Information and Instructions

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