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MAPPs Under Review

The following table displays those MAPPs that are currently under review.  These include proposed changes to current MAPPs and proposed new MAPPs.

Status Notes:

"SME Review" = 5 working day period for policy's Subject Matter Expert(s) to review comments received during Campus Review and make changes, as appropriate, before Executive Review commences

"Executive Review" = 20 working day period for UH executives to review and respond with changes

# Policy Name Department/Division Status
02.02.05 Moving and Relocation Expenses Human Resources OGC Review
02.02.08 Fitness Release Time and Wellness Leave Human Resources OGC Review
02.03.06 Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 Human Resources OGC Review
03.01.04 Fleet Management Plan Finance/Facilities and Construction Management OGC Review
04.01.01 Purchase of Goods, Materials, and Supplies through the Purchasing Department Finance OGC Review
05.01.01 Cash Handling Finance/Treasury OGC Review
06.06.02 Public Access to Campus Buildings Campus Safety OGC Review