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MAPPs Under Review

The following MAPPs are currently under review. These include proposed changes to current MAPPs and proposed new MAPPs.

While MAPPs are under the status marked "UH Community Review," you are welcome to submit comments to:

Status Notes:

“SME Review” = Period for Subject Matter Experts to review comments and modify policy, if appropriate

“UH Community Review” = 30 calendar day comment period during which members of the UH community may submit written feedback on proposed policy changes


# Policy Name Department/Division Status
02.01.02 Classification of Staff Jobs Human Resources UH Community Review until 5/22/2020
02.03.06 Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 Human Resources OGC Review
03.01.04 Fleet Management Plan Finance/Facilities and Construction Management OGC Review
06.06.02 Public Access to Campus Buildings Campus Safety OGC Review