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Workshop FAQs

What are the benefits of workshops?

  • Peer led/facilitated – someone like you who has had to learn this material before.
  • Active learning environment – allows interaction between classmates and peer facilitators.
  • Diversity – not only in the backgrounds of students, but in the strategies and approaches to learning.
  • Increased understanding and retention.

Please note: SEP Workshops are not:

  • Individual study sessions / study hall;
  • Replacement of lecture;
  • Re-lectures;
  • Homework help sessions;
  • One-on-one tutoring;
  • Question & answer sessions.

Do workshops count as credit hours?

Yes. All workshops count for 1 credit hour.

Do workshops cost anything? How much?

Yes. Since they count as credit hours, they will be added to your PeopleSoft account. This means they will show up on your schedule and will be billed like any other course. You will be billed based upon your tuition rate per credit hour as listed online.

Are workshops graded?

Yes. You will receive a letter grade for all workshops.

How are grades decided?

Letter grades for all workshops are given using your lecture grade as a starting point. Your workshop grade should therefore be at least equal to your lecture grade. Your workshop grade may then be increased by UP TO one letter grade based upon your attendance and participation in the workshop. Failure to attend at least 65% of workshop sessions may result in an “F” being assigned for the workshop.

Is attendance necessary?

Yes. As your grade is dependent upon attendance and participation, you are required to attend. Failure to do so can result in a failing grade for the workshop.  Attendance and participation from all students is vital to a successful collaborative workshop!

Can I drop a workshop?

Yes. The workshop will be on your account like any other course and can be dropped using the same process.  All drop rules apply to workshop courses—including drop deadlines and the 6 W rule. 

Do I have to be in a specific professor’s course to take a workshop?

In most cases the answer is “Yes”.  Only when it is noted on the schedule that “The professor/time is preferred, but not required” will it be allowed for you to be in a different lecture than what is listed.

Additional questions?

Email us at or visit with us in Room 56 of University Libraries building (on-campus directions).