Weglein Invited to be Closing Speaker at SEG-Dhahran Geophysical Society Workshop

Workshop Addresses Challenges and New Advances in Velocity Model Building

Arthur Weglein, the Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair in Physics at University of Houston, has been invited to serve as Closing Speaker at a Society of Exploration Geophysicists-Dhahran Geophysical Society workshop. Entitled “Challenges & New Advances in Velocity Model Building,” the workshop will be held March 9-11, 2021, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Arthur B. Weglein

Weglein, the founding director of the Mission-Oriented Seismic Research Program at UH, is frequently an invited Keynote Speaker at international petroleum industry research and business conferences. Within the past 5-6 years, he has covered topics such as on-shore challenges, primaries and multiples in seismic processing and exploration, and seismic migration and inversion.

“These international conferences and workshops offer the opportunity to cover distinct topics within exploration seismology, allowing the international community to hear firsthand about the cutting-edge research developed and delivered at University of Houston,” Weglein said. “The objective of that directed fundamental research is to identify and solve seismic exploration challenges whose solutions will have the biggest positive impact on the ability to locate and produce hydrocarbons.”

Weglein was awarded SEG’s highest honor and recognition, the Maurice Ewing Medal, in 2016. He received SEG’s Reginald Fessenden Medal in 2010 for his contributions to exploration seismology. In 2008, Weglein received the Townsend Harris Medal, the highest honor from CCNY/CUNY, and in 2003, he served as the SEG Distinguished Lecturer.

In January 2018, Weglein began serving as co-editor-in-chief, along with Nafi Toksoz of MIT, of the Journal of Seismic Exploration. He also co-authored a 2012 graduate textbook, Seismic Imaging and Inversion: Application of Linear Inverse Theory, for Cambridge University Press with Bob Stolt.