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New UH Mentoring Scholarship Program Aims to Fill Future Demand for STEM Jobs
Program to benefit freshmen with majors in the Departments of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.

New Catalyst Offers a More Affordable Way to Produce Hydrogen from Seawater
Researchers discover a single catalyst capable of splitting both freshwater and seawater at low voltage.

Researchers Report Major Advance in Semiconductor Materials
High carrier mobility in cubic boron arsenide offers promise for next-gen electronics.

Bittner Named Ulam Scholar at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chemistry professor to work as visiting scholar at lab’s Center for Nonlinear Studies.

Fourteen Undergraduates Conduct Physics and Geoscience Experiments in Alaska
Students spend three weeks in Arctic for Undergraduate Student Instrument Project.

Buildup of Solar Heat Likely Contributes to Mars’ Dust Storms, Researchers Find
Traces of long-ago climate change could foretell Earth’s own climate troubles.

Physics Ph.D. Student Awarded Fellowship at Berkeley Lab
Chamini Pathiraja receives Advanced Light Source Doctoral Fellowship.

UH Researchers Make Inroads in Converting Seawater to Green Hydrogen
Findings published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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