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Breakthroughs in Ultrahigh Thermal Conductivity of Boron Arsenide Crystals
Physics Ph.D. student serves as co-author three times in Science, increases involvement with TcSUH.

Improving Protection
Nanotech coating developed by UH researchers improves abilities of surgical masks.

Seamus Curran Honored with Silicon Valley 50 Award
Irish Technology Leadership Group chooses 50 technology executives for award.

Researchers Find Ultrahigh Thermal Conductivity in Isotopically Pure Cubic Boron Nitride
Scientists across globe build upon previous breakthrough.

New Material Could Turn Clothing into a Health Monitor
Nanomaterial can operate as an early-alert system, sensing slight changes in body temperature.

Physicist Chosen as Scialog Fellow
Liming Li will attend “Signatures of Life in the Universe” conference in March.

UH Physicists Advance Knowledge in Ultracold Atoms
Department of Defense funds theoretical physics research.

UH Physicist Named to National Academy of Inventors
Seamus Curran launched nanotech company to market protective coatings.

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