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The Math Account Email addresses are "Email" unless otherwise indicated. Click this link if you can't find an instructor's UH E-mail.
Phone: 713 743 + Extension , Fax: +1 (713) 743-3505


Professors of Mathematics


AZENCOTT, ROBERTProfessor ("MSDS" Program Scientific Faculty Advisor) - Ph.D., University Paris 1, 1970
Office: 608 PGH      Phone: x3489      Email ID: razencot ,

Research Interests: Probability theory, Data Mining, Automatic learning, Image Analysis


BLECHER, DAVID, Professor  (Director of Undergraduate Studies) -  Ph.D., Edinburgh, 1988
Office: 651E PGH      Phone: x3451      Email ID: dblecher ,

Research Interests: Operator algebras and operator theory


BODMANN, BERNHARD, Professor  (Department Chair) - Ph.D.,University of Florida, 2001
Office: 641A PGH      Phone: x3581      Email ID: bgb ,

Research Interests: Functional and harmonic analysis, frame theory and uncertainty principles


CAO, JIAN, Assistant Professor  -   Ph.D., TBA, TBA
Office: 623 PGH      Phone: xTBA      Email ID: , 

Research Interests: TBA


CAPPANERA, LOÏC, Assistant Professor    -   Ph.D., Paris-Sud University (Orsay, France), 2015
Office: 602 PGH      Phone: xTBA      Email ID: lcappan ,

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Scientific Computing, Numerical Analysis and Finite Element Method. Applications to multiphase flows, porous media and magnetohydrodynamics


CHARON, NICOLAS, Assistant Professor    -   Ph.D., ENS Cachan, 2013
Office: 669 PGH      Phone: xTBA      Email ID:

Research InterestsTBA


CLIMENHAGA, VAUGHN, Professor   -   Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2010
Office: 665 PGH      Phone: x0189      Email ID: climenha ,

Research Interests: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory


ETGEN, GARRET, Professor  ("MAM" Program Scientific Faculty Advisor) -  Ph.D., North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1964
Office: 695 PGH      Phone: x3510      Email ID: etgen ,

Research Interests: Ordinary differential equations


FITZGIBBON, WILLIAM, Professor -  Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 1972
Office: 673 PGH        Email:

Research Interests: Partial differential equations, applied mathematics, mathematical biology


FU, WENJIANG, Professor   -   Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1998
Office: 684 PGH      Phone: x7279      Email ID: fuw ,

Research Interests: Statistical modeling and computation, variable selection through regularization, modeling sparse data and high dimensional data, cancer mortality data, marketing data and genome data analysis


GAO, LI, Assistant Professor    -   Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2018
Office: TBA      Phone: x2454     Email ID: lgao20@Central.UH.EDU

Research Interests: Quantum Information Theory, Operator Algebras, Noncommutative Analysis


HAYNES, ALAN, Professor  (Director of Graduate Studies)  -   Ph.D., UT Austin, 2006
Office: 613 PGH      Email ID: haynes , 

Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, Probability Theory, Number Theory


HE, JIWEN, Professor  -  Ph.D., University of Paris VI, 1994
Office: 604 PGH      Phone: x3481      Email ID: jiwenhe ,

Research Interests: Numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and control theory


HE, YUNHUI, Assistant Professor   -   Ph.D., Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2018
Office: 604      Phone: TBA     Email ID:

Research Interests: Numerical Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Multigrid Methods, Local Fourier Analysis


HEIER, GORDON, Associate Professor  -   Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.), Bochum University, 2002
Office: 666 PGH      Email ID: heier , 

Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry, Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, and Number Theory


JARAMILLO, GABRIELA, Assistant Professor    -   Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2015
Office: 622 PGH      Phone: xTBA      Email ID: gabriela ,

Research Interests: Nonlinear PDE, pattern forming systems, nonlocal equations


JI, SHANYU, Professor   -   Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1988
Office: 667 PGH      Phone: x3454      Email ID: shanyuji ,

Research Interests: Complex analysis, differential geometry


JOSIĆ, KREŠIMIR, Professor    Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1999
Office: 624 PGH      Phone: x3485      Email ID: josic ,

Research Interests: Dynamical systems, mathematical biology, mathematical and computational neuroscience


JUN, MIKYOUNG, Professor   ConocoPhillips Professor of Data Science ("MSDS" Program Director and Faculty Advisor)

Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2005
Office: 601 PGH      Phone: x7841      Email ID: mjun@Central.UH.EDU

Research Interests: Spatial and Spatio-temporal statistics and application to climate and social science problems. Climate model validation. Covariance models for global data


KALANTAR, MEHRDAD, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., Carleton University, 2011
Office: 627 PGH      Phone: x0780       Email IDkalantar ,

Research Interests: Operator Algebras, Locally Compact Quantum Groups, Ergodic Theory on (Quantum) Groups


KAO, EDWARD, Professor   -   Ph.D., Stanford, 1971
Office: 629 PGH      Phone: x3456      Email ID: edkao ,

Research Interests: Stochastic Processes, financial mathematics


LABATE, DEMETRIO, Professor -   Ph.D., Georgia Institute of technology, 2000
Office: 694 PGH      Phone: x3492      Email IDdlabate ,

Research Interests: Harmonic analysis, signal and image processing, time-frequency analysis, wavelets


MAMONOV, ALEXANDER, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., Rice University, 2010
Office: 690 PGH      Phone: x0297      Email IDmamonov ,

Research Interests: Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Inverse Problems, Model Order Reduction


MANG, ANDREAS, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., University of Luebeck, 2013.
Office: 614 PGH      Phone: x7409       Email ID: andreas ,

Research Interests: Parallel scientific computing; inverse problems; numerical optimization; medical image computing


MORGAN, JEFF, Professor    Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Technology at UH

Ph.D., University of Houston, 1986
Email ID: jmorgan , jjmorgan@Central.UH.EDU

Research Interests: Reaction Diffusion Systems


NEUHAUSER, CLAUDIA, Professor -  Associate Vice President/Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1990
Email: cmneuhau@Central.UH.EDU 

Research Interests: Spatial stochastic processes, Theoretical ecology, Role of space in community dynamics, Theoretical population genetics, Coalescent theory, Statistical genomics


NICOL, MATTHEWProfessor    Ph.D., Stanford, 1992
Office: 210 PGH      Phone: x6181      Email ID: nicol ,

Research Interests: Ergodic Theory and Dynamical systems


NIU, YABO, Assistant Professor    -   Ph.D., Texas A&M, 2019.
Office: TBD      Phone: xTBD       Email ID: yniu4@Central.UH.EDU

Research Interests: Statistics, Applied Probability, and Data Science in Population Health


O'MALLEY, MATTHEW, Professor   -   Ph.D., Florida State, 1967
Office: 616 PGH      Phone: x3487      Email ID: momalley ,

Research Interests: Algebra


OLSHANSKII, MAXIM, Professor   -   Ph.D., Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1996
Office: 664 PGH      Phone: x3470      Email IDmolshan ,

Research Interests: Numerical analysis, multigrid methods, numerical linear algebra with application to solving partial differential equations and computational fluid dynamics


ONOFREI, DANIEL, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2007
Office: 632 PGH      Phone: x3410      Email ID: onofrei , 

Research Interests: Applied mathematics, acoustics and electromagnetism with focus on inverse problems, optimal control and theory of composites


OTT, WILLIAM, Professor   -   Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2004
Office: 603 PGH      Phone: x0398      Email ID: ott , 

Research Interests: Dynamical systems, analysis


PAN, TSORNG-WHAY, Professor   -   Ph.D., Minnesota, 1990
Office: 683 PGH      Phone: x3448      Email ID: pan ,

Research Interests: Fluid/particle interaction, Blood cell motion in microchannel, Computational fluid dynamics, Scientific Computing, Numerical Analysis


PAPADAKIS, MANOS, Professor   -   Ph.D., University of Athens, Greece, 1993
Office: 681 PGH      Phone: x3449      Email ID: mpapadak ,

Research Interests: Wavelet analysis, frame theory and sparse representations in multidimensions, neuroscience image analysis, face recognition, biomedical imaging


PEREPELITSA, MIKHAIL, Professor   -   Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2004
Office: 621 PGH      Phone: x3484      Email ID: misha , 

Research Interests: Analysis of PDEs


QUAINI, ANNALISA, Professor  (Associate Chair) -   Ph.D., Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2008.
Office: 662 PGH      Phone: x3491      Email ID: quaini , 

Research Interests: Finite element method; Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hemodynamics; Fluid-structure interaction


RU, MIN, Professor   -   Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1990
Office: 674 PGH      Phone: x3477      Email ID: minru ,

Research Interests: Complex analysis, differential geometry


SANDERS, RICHARD, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., UCLA, 1981
Office: 689 PGH      Phone: x3447      Email ID: sanders , 

Research Interests: Numerical solutions of partial differential equations


TIMOFEYEV, ILYA, Professor   -   Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1998
Office: 651D PGH      Phone: x3483      Email IDilya ,

Research Interests: Nonlinear stochastic behavior and statistical properties of spatially extended systems (PDE's)


TÖRÖK, ANDREW, Professor   -   Ph.D., Penn State, 1995
Office: 672 PGH      Phone: x3478      Email ID: torok ,

Research Interests: Dynamical systems


TUCKER, CHARLES, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1966
Office:Fleming 11E     Phone: x3461      Email ID: ctucker , 

Research Interests: Functional analysis


VERSHYNINA, ANNA, Associate Professor   -   Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 2012.
Office: 634 PGH      Phone: x7341      Email ID: anna ,

Research Interests: Quantum Information Theory; Operator Theory; Quantum Spin Systems


WANG, MIN, Assistant Professor      Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2019
Office: 693      Phone: xTBD      Email ID: mwang55@Central.UH.EDU

Research Interests: Computational Mathematics, Deep Learning, Reduced-order Modeling, Multiscale Methods


WU, THÉRÈSE YINGYING, Assistant Professor    -   Ph.D., UT Austin, 2019
Office: TBD      Phone: xTBD      Email ID: ywu68@Central.UH.EDU

Research InterestsDifferential Geometry; Evolutionary Biology; Machine Learning


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