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Exam (P) Camp Testimonials

J. Coym (Associate Actuary @AIG) -

"The University of Houston created an Exam P preparation camp and in the summer of 2016 (myself and 12 other candidates) started the camp, this is great as you do not need to be a UH student to attend the camp as it is not a college course. However, by the end of the camp, only 6 students were active in the camp as volume of information and the pace at which is was covered is intense: http://www.uh.edu/nsm/math/seminars-and-events/actuary/Actuary_Participants/

UH created a second Exam P preparation camp but this was put on in the winter break: http://www.uh.edu/nsm/math/seminars-and-events/actuary/

If you are in the Houston area looking for help passing the Exam P, I would recommend the UH Exam P preparation camp"


A. Delgado (Actuarial Analyst @NCCI) -

"As for the camp, it helped me realize what I didn't know. I realize that sounds vague but I had already reviewed a little with a book I bought and the camp helped with specific topics that weren't too big in the book. Having someone that passed the test teach the course also helped because they could explain problems that weren't too clear with just the solution alone. They also knew some important formulas that weren't easy to find. The problems shared in the course also helped because some of my questions were similar or almost identically."


C. Donihoo-

"I was one of the participants in Exam P Boot Camp this past summer. Since the end of the camp, three participants (one being myself) have passed Exam P. The instruction I received along with the people I met at the camp helped me to get the edge I needed to sit for my test and kill it."


L. Mondragon-

"First I was not sure that the exam P Preparation camp would offer me much help. I had already learned all the material and was only about a month away from my test. However, this class helped me review the topics I'd learned towards the beginning of my studying that I may have never gone back to review on my own. Before attending the camp, I had been studying on my own. Taking the class forced me to work faster and think on my feet as I had to keep up with the instructor and other students. The most significant way the camp helped me was by forcing me to go and study even if I didn't feel like it. The commitment of having to attend a class and learn really made it easier to keep up with my studying during the holiday break. Moreover, I really benefited from the many practice problems that were given to us. I liked that we had a quiz at the beginning of each class. I would advise those who are close to their test date to time themselves during the quizzes and try to finish each problem at an average of six minutes while not refer back to any of their notes. Lastly, I liked that the camp had actuaries come and talk to us about their profession. I had been to similar sessions at the university I attended, but the actuaries who came to talk to us shared more information about their experiences and their jobs than I had experienced before. Overall, I'm very happy that I took this course."


J. Montemayor-

"My experience participating in the P-Camp was extremely helpful because they used a program called Coaching Actuaries, which challenged me and made studying for this test easier. Questions were simplified in an understandable manner. Overall, I would highly recommend this camp when studying for this test."


N. Moorman-

"The P-Exam camp fully covered the material on the test. The teachers were excellent and very helpful, and having them explain each topic in the level of detail required for the exam accelerated my progress to passing the exam. I feel the camp is what allowed me to pass the test as soon as I did."


L. Nguyen-

"The P-Exam Camp gave me a good idea of what to expect from the actual exam. It helped me see what my weaknesses are and what I need to spend extra time on in order to succeed. The instructors were very thorough in working through the problems and as well as answering questions. Overall I think the camp is a great tool for one to use in order to prepare."


W. Williams (Actuarial Analyst @CNA Insurance) -

"I was a participant in the June Actuary Camp at UH and am proud to announce that I passed exam 1/P! The camp was truly helpful to someone who had been seeking out help and could not locate it for quite some time."



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