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Taking Graduate Classes (Plus–18 Partnership)

This option is appropriate for students who want to:
  • Take graduate classes (e.g. 18 credit hours under the “Plus 18 Partnership”)
  • Not pursue a graduate degree

You should apply as a Non-Degree Objective (MTHNDM) student. Only U.S. Citizens and Residents are eligible to apply. If admitted, you’ll be able to start taking graduate classes. We offer a variety of graduate classes, including online classes under the MA program. Online graduate classes, in the MA program, are indicated as 5000 level courses.


Non-Degree applications require:

  • Listing all your degrees and submitting transcripts.
  • Providing a personal statement; Please indicate clearly - (i) how many hours of graduate classes you would like to take, (ii) that you do NOT intend to pursue a graduate degree.

Non-Degree applications do NOT require:

  • GRE
  • Letters of Recommendation

If you later decide that you want to pursue a graduate degree, then you will have to reapply, following the instructions for whichever degree you are interested in pursuing. At most 9 credit hours of courses taken as a non-degree objective student can be transferred towards the M.A. in MathematicsM.S. in Applied Mathematics, or M.S. in Mathematics degree plans.

Background Requirements

Since non-degree students will be taking classes together with Master students, we would like MTHNDM students to have reasonably strong mathematical background. In particular, good grades in Calculus and Linear Algebra (or equivalent) are essential for being admitted into this program. It is preferable that applicants have also taken some higher-level undergraduate mathematical classes, similar to our undergraduate Transitions to Advanced Mathematics, Differential Equations, Probability, or Abstract Algebra courses.