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Non-degree Objective

If you want to take graduate courses but not for degree purpose, here is what you should do:

Step 1. Submit online application as any other student (for undergraduate, or graduate). See our application instructions on the Graduate Admissions and Support page.
Choose our campus, our college, our department (NSM) the semester, and choose "non-degree-objective" (MTHNDM).

Step 2. Submit official transcripts with BA degree posted at UH Graduate School Admissions.

Step 3. Send email to our Graduate Advisor Ms. Neha Valji ( informing her about the submitted online application to "non-degree-objective"

In the email, you should attach a short justification why you need to take graduate Math classes and a plan of which courses you need

You don't need to provide other material such as GRE or recommendation letters. There is no fee associated with this plan.

Step 4.  Our Graduate Advisor will process your application. Once our college approves it, you can find it in your account in PeopleSoft, and you will be notified and can enroll courses via your PeopleSoft account.

Note that in case you later want to transfer course credits for other degree plans, only up to 9 credit hours of courses taken as NDO can be transferred towards the M.A. in Mathematics, M.S. in Applied Mathematics, or M.S. in Mathematics degree plans..