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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete this program while working?

While this program is intended to be completed in one year, students may opt to complete the program in two years on a part-time basis. Part-time students take just two courses per semester (instead of four).

What are the prerequisites to this program?

Call II and Linear Algebra. You must have these prerequisites, as each course in the master’s program in statistics and data science builds on concepts from Cal II and Linear Algebra. In special cases, some courses may qualify as a substitution at the discretion of Program Director Dr. Mikyoung Jun (

I already have the required Calculus II and Linear Algebra, what can I do to sharpen my skills before starting the program?

Having some experience with R and/or Python is very helpful as there are many courses dedicated to Statistics with R.

Are the GRE and GMAT required?

We do not accept the GMAT; however, the GRE is optional.

What times are classes being held?

All courses are taught in the afternoon and evening. Please see this page for a typical Spring Semester course schedule.

What does hybrid mean?

Some courses are “hybrid”—they meet once a week (instead of the traditional 2–3 times a week). For example, the Probability/Statistics and the Information Visualization courses from Spring 2019 are hybrid courses. Some classes are offered with a synchronous online section.

I live in another state. Can this program be completed online?

No. None of our courses are completely online. You must be present on campus to complete the program. Some courses are hybrid. See above for more information about hybrid courses.

What if I'm an International Student?

For specific questions about Visas, please contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

I have taken data science courses from UH-Downtown (or another university), can I transfer my credits?

No, we do not accept transfer credits from any other school.

What kind of financial aid or assistantships are available?

Our program is a one-year, professional, non-thesis program. We do not offer any financial aid or assistantships.

I received an offer of admission to the program. What do I need to do next?

Log into your application and select your decision. There are two options: Yes, I accept the offer of admission, or No, I am declining the offer.

What are some important enrollment dates and deadlines that I should be aware of?

Please refer to the current Academic Calendar.