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Frequently Asked Questions

I. Application for the Graduate Programs

What are the admission requirements?

A student must have completed a baccalaureate degree with a 3.0 GPA over the last 60 hours of course work and have a good background in mathematics, including at least 9 hours of mathematics at the junior or senior level. A student need not have majored in Mathematics to be admitted into this program.

How to apply?

Please refer to the Admission Requirements

What are the deadlines?

For Fall semester: June 5th (US applicants), May 1st (International applicants).
For Spring semester: December 4th (USA applicants), October 1st (International applicants).
To apply for teaching fellowship: March 15th (for both US and international applicants).

If my major is not in mathematics, what mathematical background do I need?

You should have taken three junior undergraduate level mathematical courses.

If I want to take GRE or TOEFL, what is the 4 digit code for UH?

The code for UH-Main Campus is 6870.

If I am an international student and have a master degree received in the USA, do I need to submit my TOEFL score?


If I am an international student and have a master degree received in the USA, do I need to submit my TOEFL score?

Can I send photocopy version of GRE and TOEFL score instead of official copy sent by ETS?
Yes. You can send non-official GRE and TOEFL scores to us now. The Mathematics Department will review your file for admission. If you are admitted to the program with or without financial assistance (you will be informed shortly after the deadline of March 15), you must send official GRE and TOEFL scores to us otherwise we are unable to process your application to give you official admission and the I-20 form.

Is it possible to take graduate courses with UH without directly applying for a masters program?

Yes. You can take courses as a PB (post-baccalaureate) student.

The post-baccalaureate status is designed for applicants who have earned one or more degrees at an accredited institution and seek another undergraduate degree, wish to enter a non-degree program, or wish to further their education by taking courses in varying fields of study.

Students who received their prior degree at another institution should apply to the Office of Admissions to be admitted as a post-baccalaureate student.

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II. Teaching Fellowship

TA's Handbook (useful information for Teaching Assistant)


Do you offer teaching fellowship in spring semester?

In general, no, except some special circumstance. This is because most of our graduate courses are continuous ones in the spring semester.

What is the approximate number of on-campus working hours that is required by (Graduate Math) teaching fellowships?

20 hr/week. For example, it would include teaching 3 Calculus recitation sections. 6 class hours/ week, plus grading, office hours, preparing, and exam supervising.

As a supported graduate student, how many regular courses (i.e., a course for which students should take in the classroom) should I take per semester?

In general case, each supported student is required to take at least one regular course per semester. More precisely, a student who has not passed three exams should take 3 regular courses; a student who just passes three exams should take 2 regular courses (unless requested by the advisor); a PhD student should take at least one regular course.

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III.  Graduate Programs

What concentrations in mathematics are offered in the graduate program?

We have Computational Math Option, Financial Math Option and a Math Education Program.

Could I request to teach a regular course to get teaching experience?

If you are a PhD student before or in the last year of graduation, you can make request to the Graduate Director to teach a regular course, and the Department could approve it. In that case, if your first language is not English, you must demonstrate proficiency in spoken English.

As a supported student, can I take out-of-department courses?

It is possible. It requires the department approval based on the following conditions:

- the course is related to the degree program.
- It is required by the research field; otherwise after all the degree requirements are met.
- At most one course per semester.

I am a PhD student. What is the difference between the course "Doctoral Research"(8198, 8298, 8398, 8498, 8598, 8698) and the course "Doctoral Dissertation" (8399, 8699, 8999)? What should I take?

To obtain PhD degree, a student needs to take Doctoral Dissertation course (Math8399,8699) in his/her last academic semester. In other situation, a student can take Doctoral Research (Math 8198, 8298, 8398, 8498, 8598, 8698).

How to obtain section numbers for courses such as Special Problems, Masters Tutorial, Dissertation, etc?

Step 1) Student obtains section number from instructor if the instructor is available and has been assigned the required section number.
Step 2) Students and/or instructors make requests for section numbers to our graduate advisor Ms. Pam Draughn.

When shall I take the PhD preliminary exam?

The PhD preliminary exams take place twice a year: the week before the fall semester and the week before the spring semester.
View preliminary exam syllabus.

What shall I do if I prepare to receive my MS degree?

If you find all the requirements for your MS degree are met and you plan to graduate by the end of certain semester, you need to talk to Academic Advisor to fill out the graduation form before the corresponding deadline (to know the deadline, please contact the Academic Advisor).

As an international student, when shall I update my I-20 form at UH?

Students on an I-20 completing their graduate degree and continuing studies in the math department (Example: Complete MS and continuing to PhD), should UPDATE THEIR I-20 NO LATER THAN 60 DAYS AFTER COMPLETION OF DEGREE (contact UH ISSSO - 3rd floor Student Service Center, 713 743-5065).

If your I-20 form does not be updated in time, you could be asked to go to a third country to get new visa.

After I obtain my Master degree, should I sign up for Dissertation hours with my advisor?

You can register for Math 8399 or 8699: Doctoral Dissertation only if you have received a MS degree (or have had 36 or more graduate credit hours) and have passed all three PhD preliminary exams.

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Arts online math program. I  have been looking at the program requirements and see that I need 9  hours of elective course work and a Master's tutorial.
I am not sure what either of these consist of. What would be considered elective course work? Would that just be classes outside  of math?  Could you also explain what the Master's tutorial is?

An elective course could be some course related. For example, math education graduate course. You don't have to take "elective courses" and simply take regular online graduate math courses.
For MATH 6315 - Master's Tutorial, you need to contact a professor who taught you a course before. Once s/he agrees, the professor will give you the section number of MATH 6315 and sign a project to you.

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