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EAS Office Support Ticket System

The EAS ticketing system can be accessed via http://support.geosc.uh.edu/rts/ (Guide to Ticketing System). Please be sure to review and respond to any emails received from the ticketing system for messages.  The following are special instructions and/or exceptions:
    • Purchasing and travel reimbursements should be submitted under the correct category, “Purchasing” or “Travel Reimbursement”.
    • For website maintenance or hallway monitors updates, please select the "Website Related Work" from the category drop down menu.
    • For purchasing orders submit them in MyNSM Finance via mynsm.uh.edu.
      • Click on the green link, “Click here to login.”
      • Login with your CougarNet credentials
      • Click on the “Finance” icon
      • Click on “New Purchase”
    • For card swipe access, go to mynsm.uh.edu.
      • Click on “Access/Service Request”
      • Check off “Swipe card door access”
      • Fill in your information using your UH email address, and select the user type.
      • For the supervisor, this is who will approve your key request.
        • Faculty should list the DBA
        • Staff should list their supervisor
        • Students should list their faculty mentor except in the following situations:
          • If you’re a TA, list Dr. Dan Hauptvogel, dwhauptv@central.uh.edu
          • For labs, list the lab manager (may or may not be your faculty mentor).

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