Two Biology and Biochemistry Undergraduates Featured on UH Scholars Walk

Digital Installation Recognizes Student Researchers

Scholars Walk

Cole Woody, a biology major, and Dimanthi Perera, an honors biomedical sciences major, are featured on the UH Scholars Walk. The digital installation features Cougars recognized for their undergraduate research endeavors.

The Scholars Walk displays are updated every few months and are used to highlight members of the UH community who are demonstrating innovation as teachers, researchers and scholars. The digital installation, located between Student Center South and M.D. Anderson Library, includes 10 4K vertical double-sided screens with photos and text offering information on each scholar’s accomplishments.

Scholar Walk Statements

Cole Woody, Biology Major

Woody Cole

Woody's research focuses on developing potential cancer vaccines through chimeric RNAs. He specifically addresses how cancers can be more easily targeted by a vaccine. His MHCole pipeline may aid the in-silico prediction process identifying immunogenic neoantigens as candidates for cancer vaccine development.

Dimanthi Perera, Honors Biomedical Sciences Major

Dimanthi Perera

Perera is collaborating with biophysical researchers investigating human chromosome organization. Utilizing the Minimal Chromosome Model, they demonstrate that interactions between chromatin and nuclear bodies play a crucial role in establishing subcompartmentalization.