University of Houston Energy Experts


Experienced faculty experts from the University of Houston are available to provide context and clarity to local and national journalists seeking to advance their stories. For assistance coordinating a faculty interview, please contact the UH Media Relations team.



Ramanan Krishnamoorti, Chief Energy Officer. Krishnamoorti, a chemical engineer, can discuss trends in energy policy and production and technical issues involved in drilling, petrochemical processing and transportation of hydrocarbons. He can offer insights into the integration of renewables into the grid, including issues of energy storage, and the viability of carbon capture projects.

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Charles McConnell headshot

Charles McConnell is a subject-matter expert in carbon capture, utilization and storage, and carbon management technologies, policies and business. He has 35 years of energy industry experience including national laboratories management and running the Mid-West Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership. 


Ed Hirs, Economics lecturer. Hirs can discuss energy markets, energy policy including taxes and tariffs, and a range of issues related to oil and gas production, as well as the ways in which energy prices affect the broader economy. Hirs founded and co-chairs an annual energy conference at Yale University and has published widely on energy topics. He is also managing director of Hillhouse Resources LLC, an independent E&P company working onshore conventional oil and gas along the Texas coast.

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Victor Flatt portrait

Victor FlattDwight Olds Professor of Law at the UH Law Center, serves as the faculty co-director of the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources (EENR) Center and holds an appointment as a Distinguished Scholar of Carbon Markets at the University of Houston’s Gutierrez Energy Management Institute. He is a recognized expert on environmental law, climate law and energy law, and created and taught the first law school courses in the country concerning how law relates to sustainability planning and ESG policies in corporations


Tracy Hester, instructional associate professor of law. Hester teaches environmental law and emerging technology courses and can address policies and regulations dealing with climate change, air pollution and renewable energy.

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Gina Warren headshot

Gina Warren is co-director of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Center at the University of Houston Law Center and George Butler Research Professor of Law. Warren focuses on the role of policy andregulation in the area of sustainable energy, with a focus on renewable energy, climate change and distributed generation.



Craig Pirrong, professor of finance and the energy markets director for Gutierrez Energy Management Institute. Pirrong's research focuses on the economics of commodity markets. He is an authority on power markets, economics of commodity markets, the relation between market fundamentals and commodity price dynamics, and the implications of this relation for the pricing of commodity derivatives.



Bill Gilmer, Director, Institute for Regional Forecasting: Gilmer monitors the Houston and Gulf Coast business cycle, analyzing how oil markets, the national economy, and global expansion influence the regional economy. 

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kumar150x150.png Praveen Kumar, finance professor and executive director of the Guiterrez Energy Management Institute at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at UH. Kumar is an expert on hedge fund activism and can discuss energy management, finance and other issues critical to the industry’s future.
economides150x150.png Christine Ehlig-Economides, petroleum engineering professor and an expert on hydraulic fracturing and reservoir engineering. She served as chair of a task force on shale drilling convened by The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (TAMEST).Ehlig-Economides, who spent 20 years with Schlumberger, was the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering (Stanford University in 1979) and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.