UH Experts: Politics and the Trump Administration

From President Trump to repealing the Affordable Care Act, from political scandal to immigration policy, the University of Houston has experts who can comment on a wide range of topics related local, state and national politics. For assistance in reaching these experts, please contact University of Houston Media Relations.



Brandon Rottinghaus. Rottinghaus can address the presidency, political scandal, media and political communication, public opinion, Latino voters and Texas politics. He is also the co-founding designer of the Presidential Proclamations Project at the University of Houston, an online resource documenting presidential use of unilateral powers through executive proclamation. 

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Nancy Beck Young

Nancy Beck Young, Professor of History: She is a political historian and an expert on the presidency, modern American politics, first ladies and Texas political history.  Young can offer commentary on most aspects of U.S. politics, the implications for the future of the country and the role of spouses in campaigns and elected office.


Richard Murray, Bob Lanier Chair of Urban Policy in the Department of Political Science: Murray’s expertise includes local governments and politics, public opinion and political parties. He is considered one of the foremost experts on Houston and Texas politics. Play Video of Expert Commentary


Renée Cross, Associate Director of UH Hobby Center for Public Policy: Cross can address issues related to Houston and Texas politics, urban politics and civic engagement.  Her area of expertise also includes state and congressional races.


Jeronimo Cortina, Assistant Professor of Political Science: Cortina specializes in American and Latino politics, immigration and comparative politics. He also teaches classes in Chicano politics. He is bilingual. Play Video of Expert Commentary


Jason Casellas, Associate Professor of Political Science:  Casellas specializes in Latino political representation, American politics and public policy. He also is bilingual. Play Video of Expert Commentary


Elizabeth Simas: Assistant Professor of Political Science: She can share perspective regarding voting and American electoral behavior, the Texas electorate, and gender and politics, including messaging to women by both parties. Play Video of Expert Commentary


Jim Granato, Professor and Director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy:  Granato can discuss current U.S. policies and American political institutions. He is an expert on political economy, public policy and econometrics.




Seth Chandler, Foundation Professor of Law: Chandler specializes in insurance law and related fields such as health law, economic analysis of law and contract drafting. Chandler is the author a blog chronicling the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 

Patricia Gray

Patricia Gray, Director of Research UH Law Center Health Law & Policy Institute: Gray chaired the Texas House Committee on Public Health and was the House sponsor for legislation creating the Texas Children's Health Insurance Plan, which insures more than 500,000 Texas Children. 


Helen ValierDirector of the Medicine and Society Program: Valier can address voter sentiments on health care and why it has been a hot button issue for decades. She can also speak to the structure of the health care system in America and the health care literacy of the electorate. Play Video of Expert Commentary


Partha Krishnamurthy, Professor of Marketing and Director of the Bauer Institute for Health Care Marketing: Krishnamurthy’s primary research interest is decision making in the context of health care decisions and can also offer expertise in the accuracy of medical decisions by patients and physicians; recalls, product failures and consumption risk; and survival models, which are the analysis of statistics studying the time it takes before a particular event, such as death or the diagnosis of a disease, occurs.




Geoffrey Hoffman, Clinical Associate Professor of Law: Hoffman heads the UH Immigration Clinic and specializes in immigration-related federal court litigation, deportation defense, asylum cases and appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Hoffman is available to discuss range of issues related to immigration policy. 


Raúl A. Ramos, Associate Professor of History: He can comment on election rhetoric, the Texas border and immigration, border issues, and local vs. state vs. national response to issues related to immigration.  Play Video of Expert Commentary




Ed Hirs, Economics Lecturer, Managing Director of Hillhouse Resources LLC: Hirs is an expert in energy economics. He can discuss the energy markets, energy policy including taxes and tariffs, and a wide range of issues related to oil and gas production. Play Video of Expert Commentary


Bill Gilmer, Director, Institute for Regional Forecasting: Gilmer monitors the Houston and Gulf Coast business cycle, analyzing how oil markets, the national economy, and global expansion influence the regional economy. Play Video of Expert Commentary



Ryan Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Political Science:  His area of expertise includes international energy politics, political terrorism (policy responses to terrorist acts), stability and change in political institutions. 

El Badawi

Emran El-Badawi, Assistant Professor and Director of Arab Studies Program: El-Badawi has studied in the Middle East and South East Asia. His research areas include Arab intellectual history, early Islamic history and Qur’anic studies. He can talk about campaign rhetoric on Islam, the Middle East and ISIS. Play Video of Expert Commentary