UH Moment: ERP Innovation Center Opens

A brand new innovation center at the University of Houston Energy Research Park is offering students, staff and alumni a space to start their business.

“Physically I don’t think this space has any parallel”, said Wolff Center Director for Entrepreneurship Ken Jones.

In the past two years, entrepreneurial teams from UH have formed over a dozen companies. Dr. Mark Clarke, the Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer, saw a need for the new space.

“We didn’t build it with the hopes that they would come, we built it because they were already here,” Clarke said.

This new space allows those companies a place to grow without worrying about many of the concerns most start-ups face.

“The innovation center is a landing pad for the steam of entrepreneurial teams that we are creating internally so they can come and mature into successful companies,” Clarke said.

“We now have a wonderful opportunity for anyone that comes to UH to not only look at the idea, monetize the idea, but now have a home in which to make that idea work,” added Jones.