Can You Hack It? UH Offers Experts on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and computer technology have become an everyday aspect of modern life, with new issues, challenges and questions popping up daily. The University of Houston has a number of experts who can address a wide range of topics in this area. If you are unable to reach a professor, please reach out to one of the media relations representatives listed here.


• Computer science professor Rakesh Verma, a computer science professor in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, can discuss phishing and malware detection and prevention, as well as security analytics and education. He is the primary investigator on a $1.5 million CyberCorps grant from the National Science Foundation to train students in this increasingly important area of national security. The project addresses a critical need for cybersecurity professionals by preparing students to assist in securing, protecting and defending the nation’s information systems upon graduation. Verma can be reached at (713) 743-3348 or

• Additional experts from the computer science department are professor Stephen Huang, who has expertise in intrusion detection; professor Ernst Leiss, who has expertise in privacy and database security; and assistant professor Larry Shi, who has expertise in mobile and cloud security. Reach Huang at or 713-743-3338, Leiss at or 713-743-3359, and Shi at or 713-743-3045.


• Mary Dickerson is the executive director of IT security and the chief information security officer at UH. She can address how individuals and companies can protect data, financial information and intellectual property. From online scams to data phishing, Dickerson follows the latest tactics and trickery being used by hackers, identity thieves and other online offenders. Dickerson can be reached at or 832-842-4679.


• Chris Bronk, assistant professor of information and logistics technology, who served as a U.S. diplomat before entering academia, is available to discuss issues such as national and international policy, as well as high-profile hacking cases and organizational information security issues. Reach him at or 832-729-6205.

• Art Conklin, associate professor of information and logistics technology, is the author of six books associated with information security. Director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education, he led the effort that resulted in UH being designated by the NSA DHS as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense. He can address a wide range of security issues, including those involving attacks and disclosures and attacks on critical infrastructures. Reach him at or 210-379-3671.

• Ray Cline, chairman of the Department of Information and Logistics Technology, is an expert on information technology, complex IT systems and IT security. Before coming to UH, he was vice president of infrastructure portfolio development at EDS (now HP). Reach him at or 713-743-9244.


• Jacqueline Lipton, co-director for the Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the UH Law Center, can address issues of cyber and Internet law, including cybersecurity in the global environment. Lipton is available for broadcast radio, remote video, print and email interviews. To schedule an interview, contact Carrie Criado at cacriado@Central.UH.EDU or 713-743-2184 or John Kling at or 713-743-8298.