UH Producing Top Earners in Texas According to PayScale College Salary Report

If anyone knows about how companies are compensating employees, it’s the professionals at PayScale. The online resource – featuring 40 million salary profiles – recently released its 2015 – 2016 College Salary Report, and the University of Houston is among the Texas institutions producing top earners.

UH factored heavily into PayScale’s list of the state’s top 44 graduate programs that are producing high earners.

The UH Law Center earned the No. 3 spot on the list of “Best Graduate Schools in Texas by Salary Potential.” According to PayScale’s data, UH graduates with a Juris Doctor can earn up to $87,400 as early career pay and $147,700 as mid-career pay.

UH’s C.T. Bauer College of Business was No. 8 on this same list, which indicates that Master of Business Administration students can earn as much as $69,600 as early career pay and up to $131,000 as mid-career earnings.

PayScale also included UH’s combined doctoral programs on this list at No. 12. According to the report, graduates earn up to $89,400 in the early stages of their careers and $122,000 by mid-career.

UH made the list of “Best Colleges in Texas by Salary Potential.” The University’s combined undergraduate programs ranked No. 10 (out of 44 colleges) in Texas with alums earning $51,200 as early career compensation and $84,000 as mid-career pay.

UH’s Cullen College of Engineering earned a spot on the report’s “Best Schools by Salary Potential for Engineering Majors.” PayScale ranked the college No. 23 in its roundup of more than 200 U.S. universities. The college produced early career earners with salaries up to $72,200 and mid-career professionals earning up to $123,000. 

Data for PayScale’s report  was collected through online compensation surveys. The sample included in the report included 1.4 million college graduates nationwide. The College Salary Report also includes information on “Most Meaningful Majors” and “Majors That Pay You Back.”

PayScale provides real-time salary, benefits and compensation data for individuals and organizations to aid in recruitment and retention of qualified professionals. To learn more about PayScale, visit its website. Its full 2015 – 2015 College Salary Report can be viewed here.