Update on Power Outage at UH Identifies Lightning as Cause

Repairs to Electrical Feeders Ongoing

On Sunday, Oct. 6, UH Facilities Management responded to a campus power outage resulting from a lightning strike.  Two campus main electrical feeders, identified as Cougar 1 and Cougar 3, were affected, which caused most of the campus buildings to experience a brief, momentary  electrical outage.
The Facilities Management electrical team has been working to restore and repair the electrical infrastructure by addressing the Cougar 1 feeder repair first, working throughout the day Monday and Monday evening.  Once these repairs have been completed, the electrical team will realign the campus power distribution to balance the electrical load. This realignment will cause a blip in electrical power to the buildings.  An update will be provided to inform the campus community when the repair and testing is complete and to schedule time for the realignment of the campus electrical load. 

If any extended power outage or other related issues are experienced during this time, please contact the 24-hour Facilities Service Center staff at 713-743-4948. Facilities electrical staff will address the issues during this realignment process.
Once repairs to Cougar 1 have been implemented, the Facilities Management electrical team will meet to  discuss and plan the repair of the Cougar 3 feeder.  Repair of this feeder may require an electrical and HVAC planned outage, which will be scheduled at a time that will minimize the inconvenience to the campus community.