Three Officers Dismissed from UH Department of Public Safety

With his appointment as chief of police at the University of Houston eight months ago, Ceaser Moore brought to UH more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement, including 27 and a half years with the Houston Police Department.

Moore, who has specialized experience as an investigator, in an academic setting and in a supervisory capacity, was well positioned to implement a number of bold initiatives that resulted in multiple arrests in a recent series of robberies on or near the UH campus. He has also worked to instill a strong sense of professionalism, dedication, ethics and transparency throughout its ranks.

“I have been proud of the performance of our department for its role in quickly bringing to justice multiple suspects involved in recent robberies on or near our campus,” Moore said. “That is the standard of professionalism and responsiveness I expect and demand of our officers.”

Moore demonstrated his commitment to these principles on Tuesday (Oct. 9), when he took decisive steps to further strengthen his department by announcing the dismissal of three of his own patrol officers for “failing a test of integrity.”

The veteran officers were fired for violation of department policy following an investigation into the recent disappearance of two mini-appliances that fell off the back of a delivery truck on campus.

After learning of the incident, Moore notified the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, which requested that UH police complete its internal affairs investigation. The District Attorney’s Office now will determine if charges will be filed against the officers.

 “I am deeply disappointed by the circumstances that have come to light as a result of our investigation into this incident, which took place Sept. 27,” Moore said.

The UH Department of Public Safety reports to Carl Carlucci, executive vice chancellor/vice president for administration and finance.

“We will not tolerate a lapse of integrity, or any action by our police officers that fails to reassure the university community and the public that we are here to protect and serve,” Carlucci said.

“We have a talented and dedicated police force, and I am committed to making sure that everyone on our force represents the university and our department with professionalism and integrity.”

The officers can appeal their dismissal, in accordance with university policy. Because this is a personnel matter and because charges have not yet been filed, the university is not releasing the names of the officers. The university and UHDPS will have no further comment at this time.