Decision 2012: UH Experts on the Presidential Election

As you pursue stories related to the 2012 Presidential election, consider these resources from the University of Houston.

Should you have difficulties reaching these experts, please call Marisa Ramirez at 713-295-0712. 

Brandon Rottinghaus: associate professor of political science.  Connect with him for insight into the presidency, media and public opinion, political communication and the relationship between the executive and legislative branches of government.  713-743-3925 or Election

Jeronimo Cortina:  assistant professor of political science.  Connect with him to discuss American and Latino politics.  He also has researched the reasons why Americans in red and blue states vote the way they do.  Reach him at 713-743-3894 or

Jim Granato:  professor and director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy.  Reach him to discuss current U.S. policies and American political institutions. 713-743-3919 or

Christine LeVeaux-Haley:  professor of political science and interim dean for academic programs at the Honors College of UH.  Reach her to discuss legislative politics, black politics and political behavior.  713-743-2355 or

Elizabeth Simas: assistant professor of political science. She can share perspective regarding voting, American electoral behavior, with a special interest in Congressional elections.  Reach her at 713-743-3927 or

Eduardo Aleman: associate professor of political science. His areas of expertise include executive-legislative relations, parliamentary procedures, government coalitions, and agenda-setting across Latin American legislatures. Reach him at 713-743-3933 or

Gerald Horne: professor of history.  His area of research encompasses issues involving race in labor, politics and civil rights.  He is a sought-after resource for insight into African American history and Labor issues.  Reach him at 713-743-3114 or

Ryan Kennedy: assistant professor of political science.  His area of expertise includes international energy politics, political terrorism (policy responses to terrorist acts), stability and change in political institutions.  Reach him at 713-743-1663 or

Renee Cross:  associate director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy.  Her area of expertise includes state and congressional races.  Reach her at 713-743-3972 or 

Patricia Gray: UH Law Center.  Gray is a former member of the Texas House who chaired the  Committee on Public Health and was the House sponsor for legislation creating the Texas Children’s Health Insurance Plan. She now is a faculty member in the UH Health Law & Policy Institute.  Reach her at 713-743-2206 or

Seth Chandler: professor of law. Chandler is an expert in insurance law, life and health insurance and health law.  He can be reached at 713-743-2123 or

Scott Basinger:  assistant professor of political science and an expert in American politics.  Reach him at 713-743-3911 or

Jeremy Bailey: associate professor of political science.  Reach him to gain perspective on power in the executive branch of government, the presidency, and American political thought and constitutional imperfections.  713-743-3934 or jbailey2@uh

Jennifer Clark: assistant professor of political science.  Her expertise is in the area of political parties, American and state politics and legislative institutions.  Reach her at 713-743-3302 or

Robert Lineberry: professor of political science.   Connect with him for insight into urban and social politics and American government.  713-743-3901 or

Tyrone Tillery: associate professor of history.   He specializes in African American and civil rights history and is a former executive director of the NAACP.  Reach him at 713-743-3097 or