UH Education Scholar Honored for Prolific Research, Accomplishments

Cheryl Craig Bestowed Lifetime Achievement Award from American Educational Research Association

Cheryl J. Craig, professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Houston’s College of Education, has been awarded the Division B Lifetime Achievement Award in curriculum studies by the American Educational Research Association. The award recognizes scholars with distinguished and continuous records of accomplishment who have made substantive contributions to the field of curriculum studies, according to the organization’s website.

Craig says her research is situated at the intersection where teaching and curriculum meet.  CherylCraig

“I take a practical approach and work alongside teachers and students in classroom and school settings,” she said.  “I show how a pervasive theory-practice-policy split stymies what teachers and students are able to accomplish and how this, in turn, frustrates policymakers and the public at large.”

Craig teaches and coordinates graduate teaching and teacher education programs, working closely with individual teachers and teacher research groups.  Her scholarly work has focused on school reform agendas and the impact those agendas have on teacher knowledge, education policy and student learning. 

“I have conducted research in one Greater Houston school for 14 years, and with several others for more than a decade.  One teacher resource group, composed of members from different school districts, has met for a decade and a half,” she said.  “Without the cooperation of teachers and schools in Houston’s urban core, I would not have a research program worthy of recognition.  I am deeply indebted to their contributions to my scholarship.”

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) is the world’s largest and most respected body of educational researchers.  Just last year, Craig was inducted as a Fellow of the AERA, making her the only scholar in the area of curriculum who has been awarded two prestigious AERA honors in consecutive years. 

“This award indicates Dr. Craig’s significant contributions to educational research regarding theory, practice and classroom connections,” said Laveria Hutchison, associate professor and chair of the department.  “She is an internationally recognized professional and researcher who has given voice to teachers, administrators and students who attend schools around the world.”   

Craig has published nine books, 75 refereed articles and 28 book chapters.  Additionally, she has acquired more than $3.5 million in research support.  In the college, she has advised and graduated 25 master students and 62 doctoral students. A sought-after speaker, Craig has delivered keynote addresses in many European and Asian countries, as well as cities across the United States.   

“Cheryl Craig has profound knowledge concerning the development of ideas and conceptual frameworks in the curriculum domain and has enriched the knowledge base through her research and publications,” said Miriam Ben-Peretz, 2006 Laureate of the Israel Prize for Educational Research professor emeritus of the faculty of education at the University of Haifa