UH Hosting Camps Focused on Film, Literature, Theater, Architecture

Registration Open for Summer Wonderworks Camps Running June 13 – July 15

Each summer, the University of Houston is visited by future filmmakers, architects, authors and actors. This summer will be no different thanks to non-profit organization Wonderworks.

For the past five years, Wonderworks has presented a range of fine arts camps for Houston high school students. Taught by UH faculty members and industry professionals, these camps offer students pre-college learning experiences and hands-on training in university classrooms and studios.

Registration is open for this year's camps, which run June 13 - July 15, and scholarships are available. Wonderworks events are open to students in grades 10 - 12. For details on how to register for 2011 Wonderworks events, visit www.wonderworks.org or call 713-301-4882.

 A list of this year's Wonderworks offerings is as follows:

  • By Design - Introduction to Architecture
    Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
    Students will work in UH's architecture studios designing building projects and learning about architectural history, building practices and prolific architects. Field trips will take students across the state to view historic buildings. The event concludes with an exhibition of students' works.


  • Literature - Stranger Than Fiction
    UH's department of English and Creative Writing Program
    This program will focus on non-fiction works in journalism, documentaries, films and radio. Students will read and discuss articles from authors such as Tom Wolfe, A.J. Liebling, Joseph Mitchell and Hunter Thompson. Films include "Dog Day Afternoon," "Grey Gardens," "All the President's Men" and "The Social Network."


  • Story Lines - Short Fiction
    UH's department of English and Creative Writing Program

    The works of authors Mark Twain, Ernest Hemmingway, Leo Tolstoy and others will be explored by students. Also, films adapted from short fiction will be screened including "Rear Window," "The Third Man" and others.


  • Poet's Corner - Poetry Written in English
    UH's department of English and Creative Writing Program
    Odes, sonnets, mock epics, satires, elegies and ballads are among the poems students will learn. They also will listen to recordings of poems read by the actual poets and write a few of their own.


  • All Things Considered - Essays and Other Reflections
    UH's department of English and Creative Writing Program
    Students will read and discuss essays by Henry Thoreau, Virginia Woolf, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nora Ephron and many others. They also will have a chance to pen their own essays under the guidance of UH's writing faculty.

  • Moving Pictures - Filmmaking and Film Literature/Appreciation
    Jack J. Valenti School of Communication
    Students will explore the art of crafting movies in this camp. They will learn the process from the ground up and ultimately, produce their own films that will be screened by summer's end. Afternoon sessions will focus on exploring film classics such as "Citizen Kane," "Casablanca" and "The Godfather."