Online parking registration for faculty and staff is open and runs through June 30. For FY10, no changes have been made to the faculty/staff online parking registration system.

To register, visit www.uh.edu/parking and click on Faculty/Staff Parking Registration on the right side of the page. Employees will then enter their PeopleSoft Employee ID as their user name and their date of birth for their password. The registration process is the same as last year.

Employees with 2008-2009 disabled permits have been pre-approved and can renew their disabled parking online. Those needing disabled parking authorization will need to visit the Center for Students with Disabilities.

Current reserved parkers have been pre-approved for their reserved parking space. They do, however, need to log on and select the reserved parking option in order to renew their reserved parking. Those that no longer want reserved parking will need to select one of the other parking options listed.

A majority of the gated lot parkers have been pre-approved. Those pre-approved will have that lot displayed under their parking options. For those wishing to change gated lots it is suggested that they renew their current gated parking assignment (provided they were pre-approved) and then put their name on the waitlist for their preferred lot.

The UH Department of Human Resources (HR) has developed a new set of pay grades. Parking and Transportation Services has worked with HR to convert the old pay grades to the new system and those are the pay grades used in the pre-approval process. Current gated lot parkers who were not pre-approved will need to select an ungated parking option and then register for their preferred lot on the wait list. Wait list assignments will be issued after online registration closes and will be based on employee pay grade.

Gated Lot 5B will be permanently taken out of service June 1, therefore, current 5B parkers have not been pre-approved for any gated lot. They will have to register for an ungated or garage permit and sign up on the wait lists of one of the other gated lots. Lot 5A and 5B will be the site of the new undergraduate housing. For more information, visit www.uh.edu/plantops/fpc/Freshman_Village_Housing.html.

Teaching fellows and teaching assistants may register for faculty/staff ungated parking. They must be listed as such in the PeopleSoft HR system. All other graduate students must register as a student using the student on-line parking registration system available at www.uh.edu/parking when this system opens in June. Any graduate student wishing to park in gated parking should send an e-mail request to parking@uh.edu with "waitlist" in the subject line. Their PeopleSoft ID and lot preference must be in the body of the e-mail.

If you have any questions, e-mail parking@uh.edu or call 713-743-1097 to speak to a parking representative.