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Getting Started

All official University social media profiles must follow the University’s Social Media Guidelines. The Division of University Marketing and Communications must approve the creation of new UH social media profiles. Social media profiles should not be created for committees, campaigns or short-term endeavors.

Questions to consider before creating a new social media profile:
  1. What are your goals?
  2. Do you have a well-defined strategy?
  3. Are you equipped with the necessary tools, resources and staff to oversee your profile(s)?
  4. What type of content do you intend to share, and at what frequency?
  5. Would collaborating or partnering with other on-campus profiles be more advantageous for you?
  6. How will you measure success?

Profile Setup Steps:

1. Determine the profile’s administrators.

UH social media profiles require that at least two permanent University employees have access to the profile’s credentials to ensure that the profile is consistently managed.

2. Have a department email address ready.

The email address registered for the profile must be a shared department email address. An individual employee’s personal or work email address may not be used when creating a new UH social media profile. Additionally, the email should not already be used for another social media profile on the same platform. If your department doesn’t have a shared email address, learn more about creating an Exchange account through Department UIT Resources Sponsorship.

3. Request approval for your profile.

Do not create a new profile, page or account until you’ve made your request with University Marketing and Communications and it has been approved. You can usually expect to receive an email response to your completed form in around a week’s time.

Request Approval To Start a New Social Media Profile

Profile Security

  • Passwords for official University social media profiles should be changed at least once a year, as well as any time a profile administrator leaves their position at the University.
  • Passwords for University social media profiles should not be the same as your CougarNet login.
  • When possible, two-factor authentication should also be enabled for enhanced account security.
  • If the departure of a profile administrator leaves only one permanent University employee with profile access, an additional permanent University employee must be provided access.
  • If University Marketing and Communications determines a profile has become inactive, we reserve the right to take steps to deactivate the profile.