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Leopoldine Prosperetti
Instructional Professor

Leopoldine Prosperetti

PhD, Johns Hopkins University
BA, University of Utrecht

Leopoldine Prosperetti’s research focuses on the intersection between the history of landscape painting and the fast-growing field of Environmental Humanities. She is the author of Landscape and Philosophy in the Art of Jan Brueghel the Elder (Ashgate, 2009), which is the first full-length study on the art of Jan Brueghel the Elder. This work also relates landscape painting in Early Modern Europe to a philosophical culture rooted in Neo-Stoicism. Dr. Prosperetti has published numerous journal articles that address various aspects of natural imagery and the creative imagination including a study of the origins of the hermitage landscape (in Imago Exegetica, Brill, 2014), on the collecting of shells as trophies of repose (Art History, June 2006), on tree imagery (Nord/Sud, Silvana Press, 2008 and Il Paesaggio del Rinascimento a Venezia, Giorgio Pozzi Editore, 2012), and most recently on Titian as the true master of sylvan imagery (The Enduring Legacy of Venetian Renaissance Art, Ashgate 2016). Her current book projects include the editing of a volume entitled The Verdant earth in Early Modern Italy (to be published by Amsterdam University Press), which will include her article on Titian: Sylvan Poet.  Another book in preparation is Sylvan Moments: Woodland Imagery in Western Art. It examines a long tradition of lyrical naturalism while also emphasizing (through the lens of Gaston Bachelard’ poetics of place) the importance of expressive vegetation in the reveries of repose.