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Offices: Academic Affairs | Business Administration | Development | Facilities | Marketing and Communications | Special Events | Technology | KGMCA Box Office


Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides support to current and prospective students.


Office of Business Administration

The Office of Business Administration directs the College’s business operations and assists faculty and staff with financial management.


Office of Development

The Office of Development raises support for the College and its various programs and initiatives. 


Office of Facilities

The Office of Facilities manages building maintenance and inventory for the College.


Office of Marketing and Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications is a full-service creative team available to support the College arts divisions with marketing, design, writing and public relations.


Office of Special Events

The Office of Special Events plans and coordinates special events for the College, including patron appreciation events and the annual College gala.


Office of Technology

The Office of Technology manages the website and provides faculty, staff and students with hardware, software, server and network support. 


KGMCA Box Office

The KGMCA Box Office provides support to patrons, students, faculty and staff for the College’s ticketed performing arts events.


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