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Let’s Get Lost: Enjoy the Journey with New Work by UH Grad Students, Alumni

Kinzelman Art Consulting organized the exhibition featuring Amanda Schilling (MFA ’19), Dylan Conner (MFA ’19) and three School of Art alumni.

“Let’s Get Lost” invites viewers to enjoy the journey presented by artists from the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts (KGMCA) at the University of Houston. The exhibition, curated by UH Associate Professor of painting Aaron Parazette and organized by Kinzelman Art Consulting, opens with an invitation-only reception on September 13, 2017 at the architecture and design firm Gensler.

“Intentionally getting lost with friends always leads to finding truths in the world and in oneself,” writes Parazette in his curator statement for the show. As the five emerging artists explore themes of identity, abstraction and relationships, each taps into the feeling of searching for something fleeting – and being lost along the way.

The show features sculpture, photography and painting by two UH School of Art graduate students, Dylan Conner (MFA ’19) and Amanda Schilling (MFA ’19), and three alumni, Rajab Sayed (MFA ’17), Erika Harper (MFA ’17) and Rose Stern (MFA ’17).

Conner’s sculptures, crafted from building materials including concrete and steel, subtly encourage viewers to re-examine everyday life and ordinary objects. Schilling’s photography series “Wife, Mother, Woman” deals with the numerous – and oftentimes conflicting – roles women navigate in daily life. The women depicted in her photographs balance their duties as wives, mothers and caretakers with their roles as artists, entrepreneurs, educators or students. Sayed’s paintings, described by Parazette as “frozen moments,” are based on photographs and capture flashes of youth, beauty and relationships. Harper brings a keen eye for color to her bright, bold and wildly playful abstract works, while Stern imbues the paintings in her “Bouquet Series” with an alluring and almost otherworldly air of mystery. Rather than traditional floral bouquets, Stern’s series is inspired by groups of people who impact our lives. 

“Let’s Get Lost” will be installed at Gensler through November 24, 2017. As the exhibition is in a private business, it is not open to the public for regular viewing. Inquiries can be directed to Kinzelman Art Consulting. More information is available on their website