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Mediasite Lecture Capture System

Mediasite is a lecture-capture system created by Sonic Foundry that allows professors and instructors to record everything they say, do, and present in their classrooms. Classes captured via Mediasite are often posted online within minutes after their completion, allowing students to view them at their convenience.

At least six UH colleges, including Architecture, Business, CLASS, Engineering, Hilton, Law, and Technology are actively using Mediasite to capture hundreds of lectures, with more classes being added each semester.

Below are two examples recorded on Mediasite. Microsoft Silverlight media player is required to view these examples. If you do not have Silverlight on your computer, a download link for Silverlight should automatically appear in your browser window or download Silverlight here.

MECT 3341 - Computer-Aided Drafting - Professor David Mott

Fall 2011 Graduation Ceremonies: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences - 9:00 am

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