Changes to UH Wi-Fi Network

Last Monday, the first day of classes, University Information Technology (UIT) discovered a problem with the UH Wi-Fi network. Some students, faculty and staff were suddenly dropped off the network and had difficulty reconnecting for several minutes. This only affected a small number of the 84,000 devices that connected to the network during the day, but the impact was serious for those that experienced it. To try to resolve the problem, over the past week we have:

  • UIT immediately began troubleshooting the problem and engaged equipment manufacturer.  
  • By Tuesday, we were able to reduce the scale of the problem with network changes while engineers dug into the network software.
  • Over the weekend we performed a restart of the network and implemented some changes.
  • Replaced “UHWireless” network with “UHGuest”. “UHSecure” remains the high-performance network that should be be used by faculty, staff and students.

UHSecure, has not changed and is the network that all faculty, staff, and students should use on Wi-Fi. It is secure and allows access to all UH information systems.  You can access it with your Cougarnet ID and password. For more information on the UH Wi-Fi service follow this link: UH WiFi Networks - University of Houston.

We apologize for the inconvenience this network disruption has caused. UIT and the manufacturer will continue to monitor performance this week and have planned to implement upgrades to the network software in the coming weeks. If you have any problems, please reach out to the IT Support Center.