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Get the 411 on Retirement

It’s not too early to learn about your retirement pension and medical benefits and how you can qualify for both!

The Human Resources Benefits department is hosting a live virtual Get the 411 on Retirement Workshop on Friday, October 23, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Representatives from both agencies will provide presentations that will outline ways to help the UH community better understand and navigate the retirement process followed by a Q&A session.

To join a virtual session, click on the session name below. 

Workshop Schedule

9:00 am - 10:30 am:             TRS - Your Benefits Now and in the Future

A representative of TRS will provide detailed information about TRS retirement benefits. This workshop is for individuals with any level of interest in retirement. Covered topics will include how the TRS retirement plan works, what qualifies you to retire, and how the plan will benefit you in retirement.

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11:00 am - 11:45 am:          ERS - Ready, Set, Retire

In this workshop, representatives from ERS will discuss your medical benefits options in retirement, including dependent coverage, post-retirement life insurance and disability benefits. Sign up today to learn more about all that is available to you.  

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1:00 pm -   1:45 pm:            ERS - Medicare Preparation  

Whether you're an employee or retiree, attend a Medicare Preparation seminar and learn about Medicare and how it works with your ERS benefits. ERS gets many questions from members who near Medicare eligibility, and we want to answer your questions early to assist you with the Medicare process.  

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2:00 pm -   3:00 pm:            ERS - TexaSaver 457

To have a comfortable retirement income, you cannot rely on a pension plan and Social Security alone. Instead, you will need to plan, invest and make good use of tax-advantaged savings like the Texa$aver program. With the Texa$aver voluntary retirement savings program, you can increase your personal retirement savings to bridge the financial gap as well as weather inflation and things like increased medical expenses as you age.

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This is a great opportunity to ask questions and receive the information you will need to make informed decisions about your eventual retirement.