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ERS Annual Enrollment - Tobacco Certification

Tobacco Certification for Plan Year FY2024

What You Need to Know:

  1. If you have already certified your tobacco use, or that of your dependents, you do not have to do so again.
  2. A Yes or No answer is required for every employee and family member with health coverage, even if no one enrolled uses tobacco.
  3. ERS is requiring that ALL participants who have turned 18 since 08/31/2022, or who will turn 18 before 9/1/2024, certify whether or not they use tobacco. If they do not, they will be required to pay the tobacco fee beginning 9/1/2023.
Certified Tobacco User Certified Non-User Failed to Certify
Member Pays Doesn't Pay Pays
Covered Adult Dependent (18 years +) Pays Doesn't Pay Pays
Covered Child Dependent (Under 18) Pays Doesn't Pay Pays

To Certify Tobacco Use or Non-Use:

  • Call ERS’ Customer Service toll-free at (866) 399-6908; or
  • Log in to your ERS OnLine account at ERS Website
  • Our plan offers tobacco users coverage for prescription drugs to help you quit tobacco.
  • Visit: Tobacco Policy
Tobacco Users or Non-Certified Rate
Member Only $30
Spouse Only $30
Child* Only $30
Member + Spouse $60
Member + Child* $60
Spouse + Child* $60
Family* $90

* The charge for a child is the same regardless of how many children in the household use tobacco.

Tobacco Premium Alternative

Tobacco users may be able to participate in an alternative to the Tobacco User premium if it complies with their doctor's recommendations. For more information, please contact ERS toll-free at 877-275-4377.